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Stop Eating Bread and Lose Weight?

bread and weight loss

Weight Loss and Bread

I love bread, pasta, and cakes.

Who doesn’t?bread and lost weight

But one day, I decided to get in better shape as I was headed to the Florida Keys with a bunch of 7th graders and didn’t want them to laugh at me when we went snorkeling. So I just cut out all white flour and pasta.

The results were nothing short of amazing. I dropped one or two pounds every week without changing anything else. The truth is that white flour is processed so fast by the body that it isn’t sure what to do with the calories so, surprise! they get stored as fat.

Also, eating these bad carbs will cause a spike in your blood sugar level resulting in you suddenly becoming hungry again a few minutes later. This of course leads to overeating and more fat.

So if you struggle to lose weight, try cutting out all breads and pasta and be prepared for a new you in a few months!

If you still need more help, you can investigate positive weight loss programs such as The Truth About Abs,  and Burn The Fat.