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Weight Watchers success is not far-fetched. This program has demonstrated a philosophy of doing things the right way when it comes to weight loss.

It can be a little problematic because you have to add points up for the foods you eat, but that is a minor inconvenience.

My wife has achieved success on this program so I feel fairly strongly about it. On this page, I have assembled a few videos for those interested in the program.

First up is a short video that gives a brief description of the program with a golf analogy: the lowest score wins!

Here is a young woman who gives her one year report on her progress. Included are before and after pictures:

Lastly, here is a poorly produced video of a young woman who has reached her goal. Nice music on this one though:

Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck surgery is another example of a cosmetic weight loss surgery gone wild.  Women and even men are lining up in doctors offices to pay for having a portion of their stomach skin removed.

However, unlike many cosmetic surgeries, I feel this one is warranted most of the time.

With that in mind, I have assembled a few videos for you. Again, this may be a little graphic if you have problems viewing live surgery, so be careful!  But if you think you are ready, grab your cursor and hit play!

The first video is an short but excellent description of this procdure for those of you who are a little hazy:

The second video is very graphic! It shows an actual operation. Watch at your own risk:

And finally, the last video shows everybody’s “favorite mom”, Kate Gosselin heading in for a consultation for her tummy tuck.

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Joel Dreher MS EdS


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