How Much Does Rebel Wilson Weigh? Her Weight Loss In 2020

So Rebel Wilson has lost a ton of weight?


At one point a few years ago, she topped the scales at a weight over 300 pounds and carried over 40% body fat.  But how much has she lost?  What diet did she use to lose the weight?

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Rebel Wilson is a wildly successful actress who enjoyed her greatest success in the movie, “Bridesmaids”.

This role propelled her to stardom, and other movies including “Pitch Perfect”, “How To Be Single”, and “Night At The Museum”. were also huge successes. In a few short years, Rebel Wilson had become one of the biggest stars in the world.

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However, she is arguably best known for being overweight.  She is one of the rare Hollywood starlets who managed to be successful despite having serious weight issues. 

Yet, with the advent of social media, Wilson has become a target of many insensitive individuals who take pleasure in poking fun at her size.  Fat jokes have been a part of her life for a long time, although it should be pointed out, Wilson herself was responsible for telling some of those.

Still, Wilson admits that her weight is a large part of what made her famous in the first place.

rebel wilson before and after


Yet, time changes all things and one thing that has changed is Wilson’s mindset. The Australian finally realized that she could still be successful without the extra weight and that there was much more to her uniqueness.

So in 2020, like so many others, she made a New Years Resolution.  Wilson chose to make 2020 her “Year of Health”. and get serious about losing the body fat.  it was time to change her diet and exercise on a regular schedule.

But unlike so many others, she is sticking to her resolution (thus far).  The actress is currently excelling at changing her eating and workout habits and the result?…the weight is dropping off very quickly.

In fact, she seems to becoming almost unrecognizable compared to her former heavy self.

The weight loss journey for Wilson actually began back in 2016.  That is when she revealed in an interview with Cosmopolitan that she had a hormonal imbalance that made her more prone to gaining weight.  

In other words, she was an emotional eater.  Simply put, food is a drug to her, and she is addicted.  

“I love me some ice cream or dessert, and it comes at times when I’m happy or sad. So when I have an incredibly stressful day, I want to celebrate and reward myself with food. If I’ve had a sad or stressful day, food is also comfort. You would probably describe it as emotional or stress-eating…eating is my one vice. I wouldn’t ever want to totally give it up.”

The Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Secret

Having money has many benefits (that’s what I heard, I wouldn’t know!), and one of them is you can hire a highly recommended personal trainer which Wislon did; Jono Castano Acero. (seen below).

Jono Castano Acero

Acero is a trainer to the stars and he does get fantastic results. His mantra is to move constantly and stop all the sitting.

He created a program specifically for Wilson and it is not easy.  6 days a week of high intensity interval training, weight training and mobility training.

A Typical Week Looks Like This:

Wilson Monday Workout:  Interval training including cycling, running, ropes etc. and mobility exercises.
Wilson Tuesday Workout:  Resistance training including free weights and machines.
Wilson Wednesday Workout:  Interval training.
Wilson Thursday Workout:  Interval training
Wilson Friday Workout:  Interval training and weights.
Wilson Saturday Workout:  Rest day.
Wilson Sunday Workout: Interval training.

How You Can Do The Rebel Wilson Workout!

If you have never done high intensity interval training, it is not like walking on a treadmill and looking at your phone while you exercise.  You will lose your breath, sweat, and feel a little pain (no pain, no gain!).  The good thing is long workouts aren’t required with high intensity interval training.  And the better news is that regular HIIT sessions will make you lose weight!
 A HIIT workout session should last between 20 and 45 minutes (no more).  If you don’t have the money to hire a personal trainer, just create your own workout at home.
Pick an exercise or a series of exercises and perform it as hard as you possibly can for 30 seconds, go slow for 90 seconds, and then repeat until you exercise for at least 20 minutes.
I prefer to use a stationary bike for HIIT training as it reduces the chance of injury (who hasn’t fallen of a treadmill at least once in your life?).  But you can do anything that moves your body.  There are many possibilities.
Trainer Acero also insists Wilson move on her own during the day.  He insisted she get a Smart Watch or Fitbt and track her steps.  He asks all his clients to get 10,000 steps per day.
 What does she eat?

Wilson completely changed the way she eats, adopting a much healthier diet.  She makes it a point to avoid simple carbohydrates at all costs. Some of these foods include:  white grains, sugar and sugar-filled foods, processed foods and more.

She replaced these foods with complex carbs which stabilize blood sugar and keep you full longer, reducing cravings.  These include fruits and vegetables among other foods. 


Also, Wilson added healthy fats to her diet including nuts avocados, fish oil and seeds.

She finally gave up frustrating things like counting calories as it seemed pointless and wasn’t working for her.

As an emotional eater, Wilson was used to eating constantly.  Her solution was to adapt her snacking habits to much healthier choices.  She found a few that became staples of her diet:

  • Carrots and cucumber with guacamole.
  • Zucchini chips with vegetable hummus.
  • Cashews, almonds, and other nuts.
  • Celery, carrot, and almond butter.
  • Celery and apple cider vinegar.

Also, the actress has ditched her favorites sodas for water and unsweetened tea.  She attempts to drink water throughout the day which is a good idea for all of us to try.

Final Thoughts

While always appearing comfortable in her own skin to her fans, changing her body seems to have dramatically boosted her confidence. 

In a word, she appears “radiant”.

Rebel Wilson is a poster-child for weight loss in my opinion.  She completely changed her habits and embraced fitness as well as a healthy way of eating.  No weight loss surgery, no fad diet, or other shortcuts here.

So how much does Rebel Wilson weigh?

Nobody knows, but we do know she has lost 60 pounds of extra weight since 2016!

How did she do it?

The right way.



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