Bariatric Surgery-Medical Weight Loss

Weight Loss Surgery

Why do people turn to Bariatric Surgery?

Unfortunately, some people just can’t seem to lose weight by mainstream methods or have serious health problems related to obesity. These people may have no other alternative. bariatric surgery

Be very careful here. Medical weight loss through surgery is not easy or fun.  My brother in law decided to try it after tipping the scales at 500 pounds.

I know it was a tough ordeal. He came through it well and looks great today.  But it is not a simple, “quick fix” solution to a serious long-term weight problem.

This is NOT cosmetic surgery.

Weight loss surgery is usually reserved for people who are seriously overweight, and therefore at a higher level of medical risk, and those who continue to have a longstanding weight problem despite making numerous attempts to lose weight.

Bariatric is simply a word that describes a branch of medicine that relates to obesity and its connected diseases. Weight loss surgery is often a byproduct of this branch of medicine. These operations make physical changes to the stomach and/or the small intestine in order to help you decrease the amount of food you eat.

Who Should Have The Surgery?

  • As stated before, this surgery should be reserved for the morbidly obese and or individuals with health problems relating to obesity.
  • Here are a few guidelines recommended by surgeons:
  • Your BMI is 40 or higher.  Check your BMI here.
  •  You are a minimum of 18 years old.
  •  You have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight with other methods.
  • You are prepared to make lifestyle changes that are permanent, and you can mentally and physically take care of yourself after surgery.

What Are The Types Of Surgery?

The three types of weight loss surgeries most common today are:

Gastric Bypass (Roux-en-Y gastric bypass)


Laparoscopic (lap band)

Click on the links to learn more about them.

Please understand I am not a doctor.  I can’t tell you if this is an option for you.  My goal is to educate you on the choices you have for weight loss.  Please consult your physician for any obesity related problem.

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