Vegetarian Recipes

Vegetarian Foods

There really is no mystery to making delicious meals that come from vegetarian recipes. If you make a trip to your local supermarket, you will find tons of alternatives to the animal ingredients that you may be cooking with.

If you are beginning this diet program now and are a little nervous, why not try to substitute veggie products for meat in some of your favorite recipes and see if you like it?

Instead of chicken, you can eat tofu or seitan. How about a black bean burger (my favorite at Chilli’s!) rather than a ground beef hamburger? Have you ever tried marinated Portobello mushrooms instead of steak or soy milk in place of cows milk?

Egg beaters are an egg substitute that make great scrambled eggs on a vegetarian diet.

Once you get the hang of it, you will be ready to expand and try some new recipes. You can invest in a couple of good recipe books or you can use our free ones listed here.

The point is that you will open up a brand new world of preparing and eating food and you can’t tell me that isn’t exciting! Cuisines from other parts of the world focus more on grain, vegetables, and fruit than the US.

Think about it—there are far more types of plant food than there are types of meat, so why limit yourself?

Vegetarian food is really good! My problem has always been getting a good variety of choices and not becoming bored.

So for this site, I am assembling a very large assortment of vegetarian recipes for you and for me. Many of these are creations of anonymous vegetarians who like to share their culinary art skills with the rest of the world, while others are more well-known.

Below are the categories of our free recipes. Just click and then print. It’s time to get cooking!


Start the meal!


The most important meal!


Put it all together!!


Guilty Pleasures!!


Please no anchovies!


Go green!


Between meal treats!


Get it while its hot!


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