The 4 Day Diet

Can You Really Lose Weight In 4 Days? The 4 Day Diet!

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the 4 day diet

The 4 day diet is a weight loss plan in the form of a book written by one of the best motivators out there; Dr. Ian Smith.

He may be best known as the doctor on the sometimes ridiculous show, Celebrity Fit Club, but is also the best selling author of two other books; The Fat Smash Diet and Extreme Fat Smash Diet.

The premise behind this diet is to break the diet down into four day rotations to keep you from becoming bored with your food or feeling deprived of good food.

He believes that anyone can commit to a four day diet. Also, by constantly changing what you are doing, you keep your body guessing which means fewer plateaus and a higher metabolism.


This plan makes it a point to focus on the mental aspect of weight loss. The book provides tools to help dieters deal with the psychological factors of weight loss (why am I overeating?).

It recommends strategies such as using affirmations to reach your goals, not basing success on your scale weight, and thinking like a thin person.

What Can I Eat?

Well, The 4 Day Diet Modular Eating Plan is a diet plan that is separated into 4 day segments. Each segment contains specific types and quantities of foods.

The modular eating plan introduces a variety of choices that as stated before will keep you from becoming bored. You will rotate the types of foods you eat every 4 days.

Phase 1– The “Induction” module, is a detox phase. During this phase, dieters can eat fruits, leafy greens, and other non-starchy vegetables, beans, brown rice, and low-fat or nonfat yogurt or milk. No meats, poultry, or fish are allowed.

Phase 2-This phase is the introduction of a new way of eating. This phase includes lots of unprocessed foods that are high in fiber so you will feel full longer.

Phase 3-Phase 3, or “Protein Stretch” adds lean meats, fish, milk, and eggs to the diet.

Phase 4-This phase assumes you have learned some things about normal portions and healthy eating by now, so allows you to eat what you like in moderation.

Phase 5-This phase takes you back to a more restrictive diet as you approach the final stretch.

Phase 6-This phase allows you a few more foods such as pancakes.

Phase 7-The final phase is very strict and intended to help you lose those last few pounds.


  • Dieters won’t get bored.
  • Tackles the mental aspect of dieting and overeating.
  • Can be customized
  • Can be used for vegetarians.
  • Recipes are included.


  • May not be structured enough for those who prefer routines.
  • The plan doesn’t break down the food to be eaten into individual meals.


I like The 4 Day Diet mostly because I like the good doctor who wrote it. He seems to genuinely care about people and his book is full of testimonials from people he has helped.

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The incentive to explore the mental side of weight problems should be great for most people and this plan addresses that immediately. The constant change in your eating will keep you from getting bored and suffering cravings. This is a good one.

Click here to go to The 4 Day Diet Site.



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