best men's supplement for weight loss

Best Men’s Supplement For Weight Loss

Don't feel like reading?  See the top 3 below: Need Help In Your Search For The Best Weight Loss Pills For Men? I am a traditionalist. Regular exercise and proper nutrition are the two...
what is the most accurate scale to weigh yourself

What Is The Most Accurate Scale To Weigh Yourself-The Top 6.

Are You Looking For An Accurate Bathroom Scale? Don't want to read?  See the top 6 below: People seem to underestimate how much a good bathroom scale could benefit them.  In case you...
christina aguilera weight loss

The Christina Aguilera Weight Loss Diet – How She Did It!

How Did Christina Aguilera Lose Weight? It would be hard to find someone in the U.S. who has not heard of Christina Aguilera. The Grammy Award-winning singer is known far and wide for...
megan fox

Women Celebrities Who Promote Healthy Eating

Do Celebs Eat Healthy? Most women celebrities (and us common folk also) drop weight by utilizing unhealthy and unrealistic weight loss plans and eliminating favorite foods.  In other words...we do dumb diets....
jessica simpson weight loss smoothie

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss Smoothie

Have You Heard About The Jessica Simpson Weight Loss Smoothie? Jessica Simpson has come a long way since her famous, “Chicken of the Sea” comment when referring to tuna. Click here to find...
ProGear HCXL 4000

Best Treadmill For 500 Pounds- Start Walking and Lose Weight!

What Is The Best Treadmill For Heavy People? Have you ever wondered about those treadmills that you find in a health club? You know, the really good...
how much does rebel wilson weigh

How Much Does Rebel Wilson Weigh? Her Weight Loss In 2020

So Rebel Wilson has lost a ton of weight? Absolutely. At one point a few years ago, she topped the scales at a weight over 300 pounds...
melissa joan hart weight gain 2018

Melissa Joan Hart Weight Gain 2018

Melissa Joan Hart Weight Gain 2018 Another celebrity who has battled weight loss issues most of her adult life is Melissa Joan Hart.
Carnie wilson thin

Is Carnie Wilson Thin? Her Weight Loss Journey.

Carnie Wilson Weight Loss When your Dad is a member of the legendary group, The Beach Boys, you  have a great chance be...
is mama june fat again

Is Mama June Fat Again?

Is Mama June Fat Again? See my list of diet pills celebrities use! June “Mama June” Shannon has somehow managed to become a...