The Morning Banana Diet

Does The Morning Banana Diet Work?


I love all fruits but would have to say bananas are my favorite.  But a banana diet to lose weight?

The Morning Banana Diet refers to a variety of eating patterns that include bananas as the principal food source.  the morning banana diet

The Morning Banana Diet became extremely popular after it was advertised on the Japanese social networking site ‘Mixi’ in March 2008 and the end result caused a statewide banana shortage.

Hitoshi Watanabe, a preventative medicine specialist, and his pharmacist wife Sumiko developed the diet.

Basics Of The Morning Banana Diet

The Morning Banana Diet’s inventors say that eating nothing but bananas and drinking room temperature water in the morning leads to weight loss regardless of the rest of the day’s food intake.


Well, even though the diet is simple and easy to follow, many Japanese people who have tried it have claimed quick weight loss.

Bananas are thought to help with digestion and metabolism, which is one of the reasons why the diet might work. Another theory is that bananas are abundant in resistant starch, a form of fiber that can help you feel full and may prevent some carbohydrates from being absorbed.

Color me skeptical.

Although the reason why the water must be at room temperature is unknown, several suggestions have been proposed on the Internet, such that it aids digestion or lessens hunger.


Dieters should also avoid desserts after supper and have their evening meal before 8 p.m. It is acceptable to eat a slice of fruit if you are extremely hungry.

Apart from eating bananas for breakfast and avoiding late-night snacking, another diet rule is to go to bed before midnight every night. Scientific studies reveal a link between sleep deprivation and weight, therefore the logic behind this recommendation is sound.

Dieters should always adhere to the Japanese principle of eating till they are eighty percent full.

See more specific food based plans.

This diet also prohibits the consumption of dairy products and alcohol.

Furthermore, the only beverage allowed with meals is room temperature water.

Bananas should be eaten raw, not cooked or frozen.

 What About Exercise?

Another red flag for this plan is there is NO exercise requirement.  Followers of The Banana Diet can exercise if they want.



  • Bananas are a high-fiber, vitamin B6 and C, and potassium-rich fruit.
  • Overeating is discouraged.


  • Some dieters, particularly those with hypoglycemia, may not respond well to a pure carbohydrate breakfast.
  • Dieters might easily consume too many calories if they eat anything they want for the remainder of the day.
  • No exercise requirement


Sorry, but I have to give this one a thumbs-down although it has some valuable aspects like drinking water.  But the lack of a solid nutrition plan and lack of recommended exercise makes this just another fad diet.




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