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The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review

Note:  This is a review.  Click here to visit The Truth About Abs Site.

The Truth About Abs or The Truth About Six Pack Abs is a total body fat loss program written by a professional fitness trainer, Mike Geary. the truth about abs

His program has become the highest selling abdominal ebook in the world today. The program also integrates an informative website which provides tips and tricks on how you can lose body fat and get those abs like all the people we are jealous of!

In his book, Mike claims that the only way to lose stomach fat and get awesome looking abs for both men and women is to actually lose overall body fat.

Research has proven that is correct, in case you didn’t know it, doing crunches and sit-ups all day will develop your muscles but until you lose the fat hiding them, you will be out of luck.

What Can I Eat on The Truth About Abs?

This program follows the fairly common mantra that you should eat six small meals a day, limiting the amount of fat. Protein with every meal is a given.

The book provides recipes for your small meals that are fast and easy. Also provided is information on so called “superfoods”, good carbs, bad carbs, and much, much more. You will be eating no processed foods and your diet will contain a great deal more fiber and healthy choices.

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What About Exercise?

If you don’t like exercise, don’t try this program.

When starting, you are encouraged to avoid your regular cardio routine for two months and instead rely on the exercises outlined in the book which are primarily strength-conditioning and resistance-training workouts. Of course part of your routine will be ab exercises which help to give you the stomach you have been longing for.


You will also learn what three exercises which do not specifically target abs are needed to develop sleek and lean abs. Surprisingly, the total body routines only require 3 days a week. However, please understand that the workouts are very intense, and are not recommended for individuals with injuries such as bad backs (that leaves me out!).


  •  Workouts can be done at home.
  •  Lots of user testimonials.
  • No diet pills or supplements.
  • Will give you great looking abs.


  •  You must ante up the cost of the ebook

I love “The Truth About Abs”. I have spent my entire life trying to get nice abs but always failed miserably until I found this book.

Mike understands diet and exercise and does things the right way. You will NOT find anything better! It is worth much more than the small investment of an ebook.

Highly recommended!

Click here to visit The Truth About Abs Site.



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