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eDiets has the distinction of being the largest internet weight loss program. The online program originated in 1996 and claims to have over 1.5 million members.

They are well thought of in the weight loss community winning several awards from weight loss groups.

eDiets has an unique approach. Customers begin with a comprehensive diet assessment which includes filling out an initial diet profile.

This profile takes into account your weight, fitness level, nutrition needs, and preferred exercises. eDiets will then match you with one of their 22 diets that they promote.


These diet options include:
1. Bill Phillips Eating For Life
2. Falls Best Diet
3. Trim Kids
4. Slim Fast Optima Diet
5. Wheat-Free Meal Plan
6. eDiets Fitness
7. eDiets Weight Loss
8. eDiets alternative to Jenny Craign
9. Living With Diabetes Plan
10. Heart Smart Plan
11. Mediterranean
12. Perricone Nutritional Face Lift
13. Low Sodium Plan
14. Atkins
15. High Fiber Plan
16. Lactose-Free Plan
17. Low Sugar Plan
18. Cholesterol Lowering Plan
19. Healthy Soy Plan
20. Glycemic Inpact Diet
21. Low-Fat Plan
22. Vegetarian Plan

The program offers premade meals for dieter which alleviates much of the guesswork or meal preparation of the dieter. If you would rather do it yourself, you are provided with a meal planner and recipe book.

There is even a combination of both choices if you prefer.

You will not find eDiet store anywhere in your town as everything is completed online.

However, the site has live chats, forums and support boards to provide dieter’s with 24 hour access to other customers, and health experts lending their expertise.

From the members site, dieters can order meals or snacks, supplements, and many other items including fitness accessories. Also included are such things as recipes, workout music choices, and an ask a dietician section.

Check out these online based diets.


*This program offers tremendous diversity
*Strong support structure
*Utilizes health professionals
*Meal delivery


*Can be extremely expensive
*Requires dieter to stick to strict meal plan

There is something for everyone at eDiets. For those who need guidance, it is perfect as the ideal diet for you will be determined via a diet profile.

The program has also recently become very fitness conscious which is a great thing. Although the upsells can make this a very expensive endeavor, this program is a viable option for dieters who require structure.

Click here to visit The eDiets Website!



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