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the diet solution program

It is rare that I stumble upon a diet that really knocks my socks off. The Truth About Abs and P90X come to mind as being in that category.

However, The Diet Solution Program also fits into that mold as a very impressive, well thought out and marketed diet plan which will work for anyone.

The Diet Solution Program is the brainchild of a nutrition and exercise coach name Isabel De Los Rios and was introduced a mere two years ago.

The emphasis on this program is to change poor eating behaviors and develop positive, healthy habits for a lifetime. In other words, this diet is not meant as a quick fix.

So how does it work?


Well, this program seeks to put dieters into categories based on their metabolic type. Each of these metabolic categories has its own diet guidelines.

To discover what metabolic type you are, there is a series of questions to answer which will provide your category. Dieters will then be labeled as carb, protein or mixed type.

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Each of these types will involve eating a variety of foods. Luckily the guess work is taken out of the process as detailed meal plans are provided for all of the types.

Some of the recommended foods include eggs and meat that is organic, fish, fruit, vegetables, butter, avocado, sweet potatoes, raw nut and seeds, and real butter.

Food s that you will be avoiding include anything with hydrogenated fats. Unfortunately, these involve many of our favorites such as chips, cookies, crackers, margarine and processed foods.

Alcohol is limited to one glass a week with red wine being the recommended choice. You will be glad to hear that two cups of coffee are allowed daily.

Exercise is a large part of this plan. Dieters will be doing a combination of aerobic and strength training for the exercise component. Dieters receive 3 eBooks with exercises clearly described and accompanied by pictures.

Some of the positives of this plan are the emphasis on omega 3 fats which will strengthen the heart.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are emphasized. Meal plans and recipes are included. The meal plans are designed for your particular metabolic type.

Exercise is emphasized heavily. You will learn a tremendous amount about nutrition and drinking pure water is encouraged.

It is very difficult to find negatives associated with the program. My only complaint would be that there is no place for a vegetarian in this plan as there is an emphasis on organic meat and eggs.

I can’t lie. I really, really like this plan. It is everything you will need to be successful.

You will learn the proper way to eat and become a nutrition expert along the way. You will learn the proper way to exercise and you will not be starving or eating prepackaged meals like so many other plans.

The Diet Solution is a winner! Highly recommended!

Click Here For The Diet Solution Program Website.



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  1. I LOVE this program. I have learned what not to eat as much as I have learned what to eat. Keeping the food journal really showed me what I was doing wrong. I am losing weight slow and steady just like the program says and can’t wait until my class reunion next summer!


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