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Can the PRISM Diet Plan Help You?

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The PRISM Weight Loss Program came to be way back in 1990 to assist dieters in a two pronged method of dieting; as a weight loss program and self discovery journey.

It addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of weight loss but also endeavors to teach you how to live a happier and healthier life.

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The program lasts only 6 weeks. During this time, you will look at the underlying causes of you weight and create strategies to create a lifetime change. Actually, I would call this more of a behavior modification program that a lose weight program.

How Does It Work?

This program doesn’t follow most others by relying on supplements, prepackaged meals, or strict calorie restriction. Instead, it simply uses workbook lessons to discover the reasons you may be overeating and why you are overweight.

These workbook lessons allow dieters to look deeply into their psyches to determine where their struggles originate from and how to best overcome them.

In addition, there are support groups and classes following your completion of the program to ensure that you will have all the support you need (I like that!).


This plan claims to have helped more than 60,000 people transform their eating behaviors with a sensible, lifestyle-change approach.

That approach is now available in The PRISM Program book, by bestselling author Karen Kingsbury and PRISM cofounder Toni Vogt.

The book shows readers how to beat food addiction through simple eating strategies and biblical principles.

The book also includes testimonials from customers, personal anecdotes from the author, a detailed explanation of the program, and a recipe section filled with healthful food choices.

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  • Program can easily be purchased online.
  • Plenty of postive customer testimonials which is always a good sign.
  • Deals with the mental aspects of overeating.


  • No clinical studies done on this program.
  • Can be too pricey for some people at $80.

PRISM Weight Loss Program Conclusion:

This is a well written book and a well designed program. I would suggest picking up this book and giving it a try….

Click here to visit The PRISM Weight Loss Site.



  1. Kingsbury, Karen, and Tony Vogt. The Prism Weight Loss Program. Multnomah, 1999.


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