Why Is Losing Weight So Hard?

Why is losing weight so hard:  Let’s take a look.

Look around and what do you see?  95% of the population is overweight and the majority would like to be thinner.

So why can’t they lose weight?handsome joel

Well, the truth is that losing weight is VERY hard work.  And our society has gotten to the point where we need instant gratification and simply want to wake up thin without changing any habits or bad behaviors.

Unfortunately, this has lead to an exploding diet pill market along with medical procedures becoming commonplace.

These people may lose weight initally but they always seem to put it back on with a little extra don’t they?  It is because they haven’t addressed the real problems.

So what’s the answer?

First, change your eating habits.  Cut out all processed foods and sugars while eating plenty of natural foods including fruits and vegetables.

Secondly, get up and move!  Exercise at least an hour a day but don’t sit on a bike and read a book like so many people do at my health club!  Work out hard enough that you are sweating and out of breath.

This will give you an indication that you have plenty of intensity.  Also add some resistance training into your workout sessions.

Do those two things and the weight will come off gradually and safely.  Remember, you didn’t put it on in a few days and it won’t disappear in a few days!


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