Old Bodytrim Diet Review

Ready For The Old Bodytrim Weight Loss Program?

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One diet that has become very popular in Australia is Bodytrim.  It is the creation of two people; Dr. Vicky Hiller who has made a name for herself in the area of treating obesity and world renowned trainer Geoff Jowett.  This review is based on the old Bodytrim Diet

old bodytrim diet

The idea behind this plan is to educate the consumer on what they should be eating, when they should be eating it, and why they eat like they do.  The creators of Bodytrim believe that anyone can lose quickly with very little exercise if they are educated.

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There are three phases in the Old Bodytrim Diet program:

Phase #1: Detox

This is a touch phase where you eat nothing but protein for three full days.  In addition, you will be drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day and taking a thirty minute walk.

Phase #2: Weight Loss

This is where the low carb aspect will kick in.  You will be eating proteins and low carb vegetables primarily with a tiny bit of fruit daily.  Water will still be your drink of choice and you must continue with the thirty minute walks once a day.  You will remain in this phase until you reach your target weight.

Phase #3: Maintenance

This phase begins when you reach your ideal weight.  Here you will be able to add a few more carbs to your diet although not many, and continue to drink tons of water while walking daily.

During the program, you will be eating small meals constantly to keep your metabolism burning at a high rate.  It is advised to eat a minimum of every three hours.


Luckily for us fruit lovers, we are allowed one free day a week where we can eat whatever we desire for the first two meals of the day.  However, the next day, it is right back to detox! 

Bodytrim comes in a prepackaged kit that includes four DVD’s, a food diary, pedometer for walking, tape measure, a reference guide, and free online support. 


  • Emphasizes daily walking.
  • Includes support and recipes.
  • No supplements involved.


  •  Cuts out a LOT of healthy foods.
  •  Low carb diets generally make you feel weak or even sick.
  • Very expensive.
  • No lean mass exercises recommended.



The Old Bodytrim Diet is a low carb diet in a different package.  They do offer support which is more than many plans but that doesn’t outweigh the negatives. I would avoid this one and look for a more well rounded meal plan.

 Click Here To Visit The Bodytrim Site!



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