Sensa The Sprinkle Diet

Sensa The Sprinkle Diet

Note:  This is a review.  Click Here To Get Sensa Now!

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Imagine this.

You eat anything you want, never exercise, don’t calorie count or deprive yourself of anything.  The only thing you do is sprinkle your food with Sensa crystals, take a whiff before eating, and viola, you lose weight!

Sounds to good to be true?  Well, that is the idea behind Sensa-The Sprinkle Diet.

Sensa was the brainchild of Dr. Allen Hirch.  He is a certified neurologist and psychiatrist who has spent a lifetime researching the human senses.

Quite by accident, he discovered that individuals who no longer had a sense of smell invariably gained a great deal of weight.

He then dove head on into the relationship between smell and hunger.

The result of his hard work was the development of tastants which were the original sprinkles that theoretically helped the user to fill up faster and eat less overall.

These tastants are actually flavorless and are designated as salty and sweet tastants.  Salty goes on salty food while sweet obviously is sprinkled on sweet.


So in reality, this is not a diet at all because you can eat anything you want as long as you sprinkle the appropriate tastants on your food.

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When you sign up for the program, you will receive shakers of tastants for home and a small one to take to restaurants.

So does it work?

Well, there is no evidence that it does with the exception of Dr. Hirsch’s study.  No other studies have been done to this point.


Sensa is expensive (around 400 dollars) and it teaches you nothing about proper nutrition, portion control, or exercise.

It would appear to be directed at desperate or even gullible individuals.

My advice is to save your money and begin changing your unhealthy habits.  Losing weight is hard work!  Sensa The Sprinkle Diet is not going to help much, but you can try it by clicking the link below:


  Click Here To Get Sensa Now!




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