HCG Weight Loss

Have You Heard About The HCG Diet?

One topic that has made headlines lately is HCG weight loss.

It has been touted as a weight loss miracle and millions of dollars are being spent every year in the form of pills, pellets, mixes and sprays as people continue to look for the magic diet solution.

But does it really work?  Let’s take a look.

HCG stand for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone  (Now you understand why they call it HCG!).

It is a hormone that, hold on now, is excreted in pregnant women’s urine.  It is the reason we have the home pregnancy test as the hormone is the first sign of a fetus.

Unfortunately, it is also commonly used along with steroids and therefore is banned in most major sports.  hcg

So how does a ladies pee affect your weight loss?

Well, according to medical professionals, it flat out doesn’t.  There is absolutely no clinical evidence that HCG promotes weight loss among adults.

The diet itself was developed by a doctor named A.T. Simeons way back in 1971.

It was strictly reserved in those days to upper crust patients who could pay a fortune for this miracle.  However, the diet itself is really just an extreme restriction of calories.  You are allowed 500 calories a day along with your daily injection of HCG.

The hormone is supposed to prevent the body from using muscle for energy thereby leaving nothing to use but your body fat for energy.  The diet makes outrageous claims such as you will lose 25 pounds in 25 days.


In addition, exercise is discouraged on this plan (maybe because you will be in the emergency room from starvation).

The popularity of HCG has brought out the inevitable scammers with a host of products with the HCG name on them. These are extremely expensive and appear to be totally useless.  If you go to clinics for the injections, you will need a very deep pocketbook.

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  • You will lose a large amount of weight very quickly


  • You will be starving!
  • Weight loss is the result of starving!
  • Exercise is not promoted and is even discouraged.
  • No suggestions for lifestyle changes
  • Could be side effects of HCG


This diet lures in people with the promise of weight loss with no exercise.  However, it would be prudent to stay clear of this ridiculous program as it is dangerous and very expensive.  I refuse to provide a link for this one as I don’t want that responsibility!



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