A Few Simple Fitness Tips For The Clueless

Get More Fit?

Everyone needs fitness tips!

Getting in shape seemingly gets harder every day as we age. More and more we look for a miracle that will return us to our teenage energy levels and low body fat frames.

Unfortunately, there is no panacea. However, it truly is possible to look and feel great when you hit middle age.

With that in mind, here are a few simple fitness tips that can get you started:

Drink water. People waste so many calories on sugary drinks that it is mind boggling. Not to mention, that they are unhealthy.

Brand this into your brain—Exercise is not good enough, you will also need to eat healthily.

Try this old motivation trick—make a list of everything good about exercising. For example, I sleep better, feel better, look better etc.

Hang the list on your refrigerator or computer (wherever you spend the most time) so you will see it several times a day.

Eat slowly—meals should take at least 20 minutes. This will keep you from overeating.


Always eat breakfast—We have heard that since the 1970’s (at least I have) but it is just as true today. You need to jumpstart your metabolism after not eating for 8-10 hours.

When eating low fat meals, pour on the spices. In other words, make it taste better by any means possible….

Make sure to incorporate strength training into your workouts. Not only will you resemble the Hulk, but you will speed up your body’s fat burning capability.

Try these fitness tips for a month and if you don’t get results, I will eat my lettuce….

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