Ab Circle Reviews Pros and Cons

Ab Circle Reviews Pros and Cons – The Positive and Negatives

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If you ever watch television especially late at night like me, you have undoubtedly seen advertisements for the Ab Circle Pro. The infomercial is hosted by a popular fitness model named Jennifer Nicole Lee.

It is a slick commercial, very well done, and results in many sales for the company. But is this something you want to invest your money in? Let’s take a look.

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The Abs Circle Pro is an exercise device that is designed to give you not only a great ab workout but also a cardiovascular one. You place your knees and hands on the machine for support and you glide from side to side.

It comes with a guide and a workout DVD for those who need help.

The infomercial claims that belly fat will disappear off your waist by utilizing short workouts.

So here are my observations.

I am not usually very keen on exercise equipment because it usually ends up in the garage or laundry room after a couple of weeks.

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It just is very hard for most people to work out at home. As far as workouts go, The Ab Circle Pro will do everything it says it will do.

The problem is most people do not want to put in the time or work necessary to lose fat because it is very hard work.

Secondly, I am always very cautious of infomercials. There is usually some kind of scam involved where you get a free trial and then they begin charging you every month and you can’t get them to stop.

Well, this product doesn’t have anything quite that bad, but there is a clever marketing trick thrown in. You get to try the Ab Circle Pro for 30 days for just $14.95 but the shipping costs is 34.50 which can’t be refunded.

You will also have to pay to ship it back if you decide to return before your 30 days are up. However, you can find MUCH cheaper shipping than 34.50 so it is not a terrible deal.


What it boils down to is this. The Ab Circle Pro will not make you eat better or change your lifestyle. What it will do is provide you with an excellent aerobic workout opportunity without leaving your house or paying gym dues.

Before buying, you need to weigh whether you will use it enough to justify the cost which is around $200 total. If you are not going to dedicate yourself to intense aerobic workouts several times a week, you should steer clear.

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