What Is The Most Accurate Scale To Weigh Yourself-The Top 6 Review.

What Is The Most Accurate Scale To Weigh Yourself?

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Withings Body+


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EatSmart Precision CalPal


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Greater Goods Scale


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Fitbit Aria 2


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Etekcity  Body Weight Scale


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Conair Thinner Precision Scale


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People seem to underestimate how much a good bathroom scale could benefit them.  In case you haven’t noticed, when you go to the doctor, the first thing that happens is they ask you to “step on the scale”.

Being overweight can have serious health risks and it is a good idea to track your weight throughout your lifetime but especially as you enter middle age and beyond. what is the most accurate scale to weigh yourself- The best bathroom scale on amazon.

In addition, research shows that regular weigh-ins are a common characteristic of people who successfully lose weight.

Weight gain can also creep up on you (especially at my advanced age!), so it is a good idea to measure at regular intervals.

With that being said, it is important to remember that weight by itself is not a perfect measurement.  A scale doesn’t take into account lean mass (muscles), and other variables.

The solution to this problem could be a scale that estimates BMI or a Smart Scale that measures body fat.  Smart scales can be pricey in some cases, but the ones I have placed on this page are only a few dollars more than a digital scale.

But smart scales give you a much more precise snapshot of your current health.  These scales measure your body fat, which does takes into account how much muscle you have.

Basic digital scales don’t offer body fat analysis so a smart scale would be an excellent investment if that is a metric that you want.

However, if you simply need to weigh yourself accurately, there is no need to purchase a smart scale or even a digital scale.  An analog model will be your best bet


So What Are The Six Best Scales For Accuracy?

I have owned probably 50 scales in my life, including several smart scales, and definitely have my favorites.  However, there are some which give you numbers that seem to be pulled out of thin air.

I have also seen scales that give you a weight, and five seconds later give you a completely different weight.

It is imperative that you find a weighing scale that is accurate, precise and consistent!

What is the point of spending money on anything if it delivers incorrect results?

With that in mind, here are the six best scales for accuracy that are on the market today.


 #1: Withings Body+

This smart scale is frequently reviewed as the best on the market by consumers.

The Withings Body+ is able to read data as kilograms, stone or pounds, with no conversion calculations needed.  Withings Body+ scale

The Body+ is a scale that is much more than a way to check your weight.

Using an electrical signal that can’t be felt, this device measures muscle mass, fat mass, bone mass, and water percentage.

It works simply by measuring the time it takes for the signal to move through the body and return.  The signal moves slower through fat and faster through bone.

The response is given in only a few seconds.

Like many smart scales, the Body+ connects to an app, and this data is then compatible with over 100 health apps including Apple health, Fitbit, and Google fit.

In addition to this, these scales have their own Health Mate app.

All information is sent to the Health Mate through Wi-Fi.  It is then charted and equated to the fitness goals you set during setup.

The information appears in the app almost immediately.

Amazingly, up to eight people can utilize this scale.  They are recognized automatically from the information retained from previous weigh-ins.

It is similar in that respect to Wii Fit if you have ever used it.

How Is The Scale Design?

The Body+ has a glass, mirrored surface in white, black, pastel green, or sand.

It measures 2.4 x 1.6 inches which is enough for a guy like me with big feet.

It has an LCD screen that is very large and extremely bright (again, like me…) which displays the information very clearly.

So, Is It An Accurate Bathroom Scale?

This scale is basing its reputation on precision and accuracy.

There are a few built-in technologies that are designed to ensure accuracy.

First the Body+ has “Position Control”, which allows your weight to be balanced on the scale in the most precise manner.  There are arrows in the corner of the LCD display screen that demonstrates which direction to lean and position yourself.

Secondly, the scale has gravity compensation which believe it or not is a real thing.  Gravity can differ dependent on where you are and your weight can be affected.  The Body+ adjusts your weight based on your planet location.


  • Incredibly accurate.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Multiple app compatibility.
  • Sleek design.
  • Stores multiple user information.


  • App could be better.


This scale is a great buy!

The Withings Body+ Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale is extremely accurate at a great price for a smart scale.  There isn’t much the Withings Body+ can’t do and it makes it easy to track a large number of metrics.  Highly recommended for those wanting a little more than just a normal scale!

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#2: EatSmart Precision CalPal

An exceptionally accurate scale that you will love is the EatSmart Precision CalPal.

Despite the ridiculous name, the scale will meet anyone’s needs.

The EatSmart will save up to four user profiles so the entire family can track progress.   It will automatically detect the user, (as long as two users don’t have the same approximate weight).

Once you have saved your basic info including gender, height, weight, and activity level, you are ready to go.  You can click the memory button and the scale will automatically show your last weight.  EatSmart Precision CalPal

Another surprisingly great feature is it can weigh people up to 440 pounds.  (much higher than most scales!).  This makes it a great option for those who are near the weight limit.

There is also a large blue backlit display that is extremely easy to read (even when I don’t have on my glasses!).

The warranty is fantastic with a guaranteed two years which is twice what most bathroom scales offer.

Features You May Not Have Seen

The EatSmart Precision CalPal not only measures your weight, but also your BMI (Body Mass Index).  It will also tell you how many calories you should eat in a day to maintain your current weight.

Now, for some people, this may be unnecessary, but I absolutely love this feature as I am a data nut and love to weight myself.

Another obscure feature that you don’t see with other scales is that the weight display continues for 30 seconds after you step off.   For old folks or people with large feet (me in both cases), this is a modern convenience that we deserve.

I also love the heavy, tempered, glass platform. It just looks….cool to me. It has curved sides which add to the look.  And it is plenty big enough for a 6’4” mans foot at 12..5 inches wide.


  • Extra-large blue display.
  • Glass body is very stylish.
  • Measures BMI.
  • High weight capacity of 440 pounds.
  • Saves up to four profile at a time.


  • The owner booklet needs to be written more clearly.


This is a great price for an incredibly accurate scale.  It has a sleek, designer quality look, but it is sturdy with a 440-pound weight limit.  It can store up to 4 profiles at once.  Buying this one is a no-brainer.

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See more product reviews.

#3: Greater Goods Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

For those people who like to keep things simple and just check your weight on an accurate device, let me introduce the Greater Goods Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale.

Don’t want to read a user manual?  Good news, you won’t need one with this scale! Greater Goods Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

The Greater Goods Digital Scale is extremely thin which might make you think it is not sturdy.  But the opposite is true.  This scale is one of the sturdiest you will ever step on.

There is absolutely no wobbliness when you first step on and it is very comfortable.  It also has a very high weight capacity of 400 pounds.

It is made from tempered glass which is stronger than regular glass.

As with most digital scales, it has a bright LCD display screen that allows you to clearly see your weight no matter how dark or light it may be in your bathroom

As stated, there are no fancy features or connected apps (there is a manual app that you can type your weight into) that you have to worry about here.  You don’t even have to tap the scale to get it to reset to zero.  As a throwback to the old days, you simply step on and check your weight.

Is it Precise and Reliable?

Absolutely, it consistently measures the same weight even after moving the scale to a new location.  Just be sure you place the scale on an even, hard surface to guarantee the most accurate measurement.

One unusual feature that you will occasionally find on other scales is the batteries.  The Greater Goods Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale utilizes two CR2032 batteries that come preloaded when you purchase.

The problem I have is that this type of battery is not something I have lying in my drawer at home.  I am not sure why this scale doesn’t use AA or AAA batteries.

The LCD will display “LO” when the batteries need to be changed which should be approximately a year from purchase.

Without a doubt, the best thing about this scale is the price.  It normally sells for somewhere around $17 which is a fantastic price for an item that will last years.  There is also a limited warranty that extends five years.  This company is confident that their product is durable and will last.  I like that.


  • Extremely affordable.
  • Sharp design
  • Calibrates automatically.  Step directly on scale.
  • No setup.


  • Special batteries are required.


The Greater Goods Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale is perfect for those who are looking for a simple, reliable, accurate scale.  And it is inexpensive.  This is a great buy!

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#4: Fitbit Aria 2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale

If you are searching for a more advanced smart scale, then you will want to check out the Fitbit Aria 2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale.

I would only recommend this scale to those who are already Fitbit users.  But if you are like me and got a Fitbit for Christmas two years ago and absolutely love it; you will really enjoy this scale to use in conjunction with the app.  fitbit aria 2 wi-fi smart scale

This smart scale measures body weight of course, but also BMI, body fat percentage, and lean mass.  When you pair the scale with the app, up to eight users can track their fitness progression, set fitness goals, and monitor their health data.  The Aria 2 is an improved version of the original Aria with an increase weight capacity of 400 pounds and an easier setup for those tech-challenged people.

How Hard Is It To Setup This Bathroom Scale?

It is actually very easy, more so if you already have the Fitbit app.  If you don’t have the app, simply go get it in the App store (free) and create your account.  From start to finish, this is a five-minute process.

Next, connect your phone to your new scale with Bluetooth.  You will have to enter your Wi-Fi password.  Then simply follow the directions.

In addition to being high-tech, the Fitbit Aria 2 Smart Scale has an attractive design made of tempered glass.  It comes in either black or white and has a mirrored surface (Black looks cooler in my opinion).

Fitbit thought of everything.  They designed their scale to be close to waterproof (which is a good idea considering it will be in the bathroom), so water damage or condensation will never be a concern.

There is an LCD display that will present your weight and body fat according to the correct user profile.

After measuring your weight, the corresponding data is sent immediately to your Fitbit app through Wi-Fi.  Once there, you will be presented with easy to understand graphs.  Different graphs include body fat percentage, BMI, lean mass compared to fat, and weight trends.  This data can be broken down into different time segments including by the week, month, or year.

The idea of this technology is to track your numbers over time and assess your fitness level honestly.  It is a techie’s dream.

But Is It Always Correct?

I personally think the body fat feature may calculate a little high but then again, I am pretty vain.

The weight is always consistent with other scales, however.

The batteries are AA which are included and installed.  The app will let you know when the battery life is low.

To use this scale, you will need at least an iPhone 4S or iPad 3rd generation.  Or you can use a later model Android or Windows device.  You will need Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The price is not for everyone and the warranty is only 1 year. But the old adage, “you get what you pay for” applies here.  If you want to effortlessly track components of your fitness, this is the scale for you.


  • Design is modern and sleek
  • Great to monitor progress
  • Easy to setup.
  • Measures several metrics.


  • Is pricey compared to other scales.


This is a sleek, attractive smart scale that pairs easily with phones and utilizes the Fitbit app.  If you enjoy using your Fitbit, the higher price shouldn’t be an issue.

check price and availability


#5: Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

Another excellent digital scale you will love is the Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale.  Just step on and get a look at the LED display with a blue back light.  You will be able to see your weight in any kind of lighting.

Accuracy is ensured with the implementation of four sensors which are distributed evenly on the platform.  This is an easy to use scale that doesn’t require any apps or connection to WiFil.  This is just a old-fashioned scale with a new contemporary look.  Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

How Does It Look?

The Etekcity Digital Scale looks more like a modern piece of art that a weighing scale with its glass platform and edges that are silver.  However,  once you step on and see that LED screen light up, you will have no doubt that it is indeed, a bathroom scale.

It measures 12 x 12 inches which is perfect for those with big feet (again like me!).  It is incredibly sturdy  with its tempered glass and works simply by stepping on.

The accuracy is assured with the precise sensors.  It is important to remember that the scale should always be placed on a flat, firm surface.  Using on carpet will not bring back accurate readings.!

There is a low battery indicator that shows up in the LCD to further ensure accuracy.

The design is perfect with no extra bells and whistles.  The tempered black glass makes the scale scratchproof, waterproof, and extremely durable.  The large LCD screen allows you to see your weight when you are several feet away (which could actually be a problem).

The Etekcity Digital Scale comes with a 1-year warranty and costs less than $20.  It is short on frills but is incredibly accurate and functional.


  •  Large LCD screen that is easy to read.
  • Gives low battery warnings
  • 400 pound weight threshold.
  • Great price
  • Big enough for large feet.
  • Simple to use and setup.


  • No BMI or body fat readings.

check price and availability


#6: Conair Thinner Extra-Large Dial Analog Precision Scale

OK, so maybe you are just old-fashioned or maybe just old.  You want a scale like the ones you grew up with.

In other words, you don’t want to change batteries on a digital scale, and you don’t feel like messing with aps.  Many old timers like me when considering what is the most accurate scale to weigh yourself want a scale like we grew up with.

You want an analog weighing scale.

Check out the Conair Thinner Extra-Large Dial Analog Precision Scale.

Sounds like a mouthful but it is a simple device.

What Makes It Different?

This scale has no frills or sleek design.  It looks like a scale from a bygone era.

This is a problem for some people as they say the shape is bulky, but in actuality, this guarantees that the scale won’t slide out from under your feet.  Also, I think the retro style is awesome.

The surface is large with a 12 x 11.5 comfort grip platform.  The weight capacity is a respectable 330 pounds.

It has a rotating dial instead of a digital readout that is very easy to read.  The dial always starts at zero and then progresses to whatever your weight may be.  The scale is built to last with a price tag under $30.


  • Super accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Large surface area


  • Weight capacity only goes to 330 pounds.


If you have no interest in digital readouts, or apps when it comes to bathroom scales, then the Conair Extra-Large Dial Analog Precision Scale may be the right choice for you.  With a retro look and simple step on capability, it makes weighing yourself simple.

check price and availability

Final Thoughts:

Finding a bathroom scale depends a great deal on your preferences as there are thousands of choices out there.

Some things to consider when deciding “What Is The Most Accurate Scale To Weigh Yourself”:

  • price
  • reviews
  • warranty
  • design

Read this page carefully before making a decision.

Features You May Want In Your Next Scale:

Precision: Being precise is a huge deal for people interested in their weight statistics.  Analog and digital scales are known to be accurate to the nearest half pound.  However, many smart models produce measurements within the 0.2-pound radius. girl weighing herself

Always check for accuracy and precision before purchasing your new scale.  The models listed on this page are all excellent choices for precision.

More Options:  If you simply want to get your weight measurement, then an analog or digital scale will be the correct choice for you.

If you prefer more choices or are very serious about your fitness level, then you will want to check out a smart scale with measurement choices such as body fat, muscle mass, water percentage and body mass. Smart scales also include to your homes WiFi and send data directly to your smartphone.

Remember, evaluate your needs and wants before choosing your new bathroom weight scale.

So What Is The Most Accurate Scale To Weigh Yourself? Any Of These Seven Will Do!

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