Does The Flex Belt Actually Work?

Does The Flex Belt Actually Work?

Another item that has been popularized through the use of television infomercials is The Flex Belt.

does the flex belt actually work

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It is a device that you strap around your waist and do nothing while electrical stimulation of your abs turns you into a lean physical specimen.   Does the Flex Belt actually work?  Let’s find out.

The selling point that this company hangs it hat on first is the fact that The Flex Belt has been cleared by the FDA for toning.

What consumers need to realize is that simply means it is considered safe to use, not necessarily that it will do what it claims.

The second selling point is that in a 6 week study, 100% of respondents stated that their abs felt tighter and more toned although the results are not published anywhere so we have to take their word for it!

Third, they have testimonials from a couple of world class athletes which is impressive.  However, we do not know how much they were compensated for their words.

Now here is the truth.  Electrical stimulation has been used for healing for many years.  It is not a new concept.

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I use a device similar to ease back pain that is portable and I can wear anywhere.  The Flex Belt targets abs by forcing your ab muscles to contract over and over again similar to doing crunches without all the pain.

So if you are looking to tighten and tone your abs, The Flex Belt WILL work.   Wearing it will guarantee that those two thing will happen.

But here is the problem that the belt won’t help.  It can’t make the belly fat that so many of us have magically melt away.

You can’t wear a belt and lose inches off your waist in a few weeks.  It is just not going to happen.  You will have abs, but to be able to see them, you will have to address your nutrition and exercise needs.

Another problem is that the belt is pretty expensive.

What I like is an unintended consequence:  It helps tremendously with back pain.  It is like having a large Tens Unit to wear.

So does the flex belt actually work?

In a nutshell, The Flex Belt will tone and tighten your ab muscles and help with low back pain.  But it will not reduce body fat at all.




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