Melissa Joan Hart Weight Gain

Melissa Joan Hart Weight Gain – What’s The Story?

Another celebrity who has battled weight loss issues most of her adult life is Melissa Joan Hart.

melissa joan hart weight gain 2018

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The “Sabrina,The Teenage Witch” star first became aware that there was a problem way back in 2005 during her first pregnancy.  Hart realized that it was time to make changes as she had gained a whopping 55 pounds.

The scale read 170 at that time and Hart was barely over five foot.

Being in the public eye has its disadvantages.  The star began to experience mean comments criticizing her weight and looks on social media and television.

So Hart got to work.

She dropped an impressive 40 pounds by changing her eating habits and starting a fitness program for the first time in her life.

The new nutritional guidelines were a result of joining Nutrisystem.  She embraced the Nutrisystem lifestyle and began to educate herself on food quality, nutrients, and more.

phenq_EN_T_Taiylah-600x300On her eating plan, she ate six times per day in an attempt to speed up her metabolism.  This also eliminated the constant food cravings she was used to experiencing. 

The plan included the following percentages of her calories:

  • Carbs: 50%
  • Protein: 25%
  • Healthy Fats: 25%

With a career and three kids, working out can be tough.


Hart still manages to make it to the gym a minimum of three times per week.

Her workout involves a combination of cardio and strength training all supervised by a personal trainer.

In addition to her regular workout, the actor also manages to attend a dance or pilates class most weeks.

The combo of proper nutrition and hard work in the gym has really paid dividends for Hart as she has managed to drop to an amazing 113 pounds.

This weight loss attempt is a perfect example of being patient and doing things the correct way.

We could all take a lesson from Melissa Joan Hart.

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