Jessica Simpson Weight Loss Smoothie – Beautiful Celeb Drops The Pounds

Have You Heard About The Jessica Simpson Weight Loss Smoothie?

Jessica Simpson has come a long way since her famous, “Chicken of the Sea” comment when referring to tuna.

jessica simpson weight loss smoothie

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She has become a mega-celebrity who enjoys movie stardom and chart-topping singles.  Simpson also has become an Instagram star.

But like most of us, she has battled weight loss issues her entire life.  However, unlike us, she is always in the limelight and constantly endures comments that can be cruel.

She has yo-yo dieted her entire career, gaining tons of weight and then losing it, only to repeat the cycle over and over.

Simpson tried the Atkins diet, and experienced success, but abandoned it quickly as it made her feel bloated and tired.

She eventually moved on to a strict smoothie diet as a jumpstart to Weight Watchers, which she now swears by.

The actress stuck to smoothies for 15 straight days, they included:

  1. A white smoothie: one red apple, five raw almonds, ¾ cup Greek Yogurt, ½ teaspoon cinnamon, 1 banana, and ½ cup nonfat milk.
  2. A red smoothie: flaxseed, whey powder, berries, and an orange.
  3. Green smoothie: spinach, Greek Yogurt, pear, red or green grapes, and an avocado.

During the smoothie diet, she also consumed two snacks a day.  These tiny meal replacements consisted of vegetables, cheese, cold cuts, peanut butter and crackers.jessica simpson skinny

Simpson’s eating plan included:

  • Days 1-5:  three smoothies and two snacks.
  • Days 6-10: two smoothies, two snacks, and one regular meal.
  • Days 11-15: one smoothie, two snacks, and two regular meals.

At the end of the 15 day cycle, she began to eat full meals again.  The meals consisted of chicken, egg whites, soba noodles, and two snacks a day including cheese and crackers, apple with turkey, celery with peanut butter and more.

All of these snacks are part of her Weight Watchers plan.

As a man who loves smoothies (you can hide any food in a smoothie!), I see nothing fundamentally wrong with this plan.  It may be a little low calorie the first week, but hey, we all eat too many calories anyway.

The Jessica Simpson weight loss smoothie diet needs to incorporate some activity as well as the low-calorie food.  But if you are simply trying to eat less calories, smoothies are a good way to start.


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