Is Carnie Wilson Thin Now? Her Weight Loss Journey.

Is Carnie Wilson Thin Now?

When your Dad is a member of the legendary group, The Beach Boys, you have a great chance be destined for musical stardom.

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Carnie Wilson and her younger sister, Wendy fit the bill.

Carnie wilson thin after weight loss

Together, they co-founded the female trio, “Wilson Phillips”, and managed to release such classic hits as “Release Me” and “Hold On”.

The group broke up way back in 1993 but Carnie Wilson continued her show business career as an actor and even a talk-show host.

However, one thing kept Wilson from true happiness during her career; obesity.

The singer battled eating problems and yo-yo dieting failures until she finally reached the “milestone” of 300 pounds in 1999. 

Drastic Action To Lose Weight

She finally decided to take drastic action and went under the knife for gastric bypass surgery.  For reasons I can’t explain, she decided to live stream the procedure online.

But regardless, she dropped 150 pounds over the next year.  She began to receive offers for magazine covers and even had an offer from Playboy.

However, not surprisingly (at least to me), over the next few years, around 100 pounds returned.  The problem is always, have you changed your bad habits?

She hadn’t.

She made an appearance on a show titled “Celebrity Fat Club” and managed to lose 22 pounds.

She gained it back along with 40 extra in the next few years when her two daughters were born.

Wilson admitted it was her fault,  “After the pregnancies, I lost my focus. I reverted back to old habits like my weakness for cheese and mindless eating. I’d snack on my kids’ food, a scone, half a doughnut, cookies. One day I counted what I’d eaten—it added up to 2,300 calories!”


Reaching the desperation point again in 2012, Wilson underwent a second weight loss surgery in hopes of being able to keep the weight off.

Amazingly, she did it again in 2016!

carnie wilson weight loss

Never one to shy away from the knife, Wilson also has had several plastic surgeries and was forced to reconstruct her breast implants after they ruptured.

At 51 years old, the singer seems to still be battling the demons that have plagued her during her entire adult life.

However, this can be a frustrating situation to someone like me who is detached from the situation.  I don’t know what problems she has or what her life is really like.

On the outside, I can say her life looks pretty good.  She is rich, famous, has a beautiful family and….what else do you need to say.

But the one thing she was never able to control was her weight.  But my question would be, “With all your money, why not hire a fantastic trainer and a nutritionist?”

In my mind, she just doesn’t want to put in the hard work required in the gym and stop eating processed food and sugar.

Instead, it seems she took the easy way out with lap band surgery after already having part of stomach cut off in 2012. 

carnie wilson 2019
Carnie Wilson in 2019.

It is time for Carnie Wilson to confront the real reasons she is obese and start to address those reasons with tangible solutions.

I do feel badly for her and hope she decides to make some lifestyle changes and finally lose the weight permanently.

Exercise and a healthy diet.

Those two things are non-negotiable!

Is Carnie Wilson thin now?  

At the moment, yes.

A lifelong battle with weight demons is no fun.  Good luck to Carnie Wilson.

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