Is Mama June Fat Again?

Is Mama June Fat Again?

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June “Mama June” Shannon has somehow managed to become a household name the last few years.

She became a reality show star with the debut of  “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”, a forgettable story of low-income folks entering their child in beauty pageants.  The show made an instant star of Mama June’s daughter, Alana Honey Boo.


is mama june fat again

One of the defining aspects of the show was the obesity of the entire family and the poor eating habits they employed.

The series didn’t last long, but it’s hard to keep a bad thing down, so a new show was created in 2017, “Mama June: “From Not To Hot”.  It focused on Mama June getting a revenge body after the breakup of her marriage.

To get a revenge body, the reality star had to lose a lot of weight.  The scales recorded her at an astounding 460 pounds when she began the transformation.

The show promised to follow Mama June’s every step on her journey to be “hot”.


So what did Mama June do?

Well, she underwent multiple plastic surgeries including a gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, a tummy tuck, and a breast lift. She managed to spend a cool $75,000 on surgeries.

In addition, she began to change her diet and even began to exercise in small quantities.  Excess skin from the drastic weight loss was also removed by surgery.

Amazingly, June got down to a size 4 and began to be featured on magazine covers and became a national celebrity.

Not surprisingly however, she began to gain weight again on the second season of her show.  The unhealthy eating habits returned, and she reportedly gained 25 pounds quickly.  And America watched the Mama June train wreck every week. 

mama june 2020
Mama June 2020 Instagram

Since that time in 2018, June’s life seemingly has spiraled out of control with an arrest for drug possession and drug paraphernalia.  The result was dramatic weight gain and other health problems.  Her boyfriend, Geno Doak was with her at the time and seems to bring out the worst in June.  The two remain in a relationship as of September 2020.

She also created a social media moment by breaking a tooth while eating “fat cakes”!

She ended the 2019 season of her show, “From Hot To Not” by entering rehab for a short stint.  Her show returns in 2020 with a new name and hopefully no fat cakes!

Is Mama June fat again?

Sadly, the answer is yes, however her weight loss journey is continuing.

Mama June FAQs

How much does Mama June weigh now?

According to reports, June has been eating a lot during quarantine and is now at 210 pounds.

What does Mama June do for a living?

June continues to star in her own reality television show.

How did June Shannon lose weight?

June lost 300 pounds after gastric bypass surgery and plastic surgery in 2016.

What size is Mama June?

June lost 300 pounds and managed to get down to a size 4. Since then, she has reportedly gained 50 pounds and her size is unknown.

Is Mama June together with her family?

June is back with her family as her show has been renewed for another season although the title is now, "Mama June: Family Crisis."

Is Mama June still together with Geno?

The two are still together despite being arrested for drug possesion in 2019.

Is Mama June in rehab?

On the season finale of her show in 2019, she did enter rehab for a two-week stay.

How did Mama June lose her tooth?

June lost a veneer while eating "fat cakes" last year.

Is Mama June on drugs?

In 2019, June was arrested for cocaine possession but now claims to be sober.

Did Mama June go blind?

June has vision problems because of her childhood cataracts that were never properly treated.


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