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The Bernstein Diet is the creation of Stanley Bernstein, a Canadian doctor who specializes in weight management and is the founder of many clinics throughout Canada and the United States.

The diet was created as an extension of his philosophy and is intended to be practiced at one of his office locations under medical supervision.

The main foundation of this diet is to follow a low calorie and low carb eating plan which is also high protein.  The weight loss goal is a rather ambitious 4 to 5 pounds a week.

Diet followers must make visits to Dr. Bernstein’s clinics a minimum of 3 times a week.

One of the special aspects of this plan is that users will be given B12 injections with the intention of increasing metabolism. There are three phases to this diet: the rapid weight loss phase, the maintenance phase, and the tune-up phase.

The rapid phase is your initial weight loss when beginning the diet which should be dramatic, the maintenance phase tries to help you maintain your ideal weight, while the tune up gives you an extra shot of vitamins and minerals.

phenq_EN_T_Taiylah-600x300Dieters will be eating somewhere between 800 to 1350 calories every day.  All of the allowed food is presented to the user and is broken down into proteins, fruits, bread substitutes, vegetables, and drinks.

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Foods that are not allowed include anything with simple sugars, starches, high carbohydrates, fruits high on the Glycemic index and a plethora of foods that are sugar free.


  • Recommended foods are natural and healthy.
  • Users can prepare their meals at home.


  • There is no physical activity requirement for this diet.
  • There is no proof that B12 injections have any effect on metabolism.
  • Visits to Clinics will be expensive.
  • The eating plan may have too few calories for many dieters.

Bernstein Diet Review Conclusion:

While there are some positives to this plan such as learning to eat healthier foods, the daily calories allowed will be too low for most people.

You will find it very difficult to stay on a low calorie diet more than a few days. In addition, the vitamin B12 shots are more than likely a waste of time, money, and pain.

Click here to visit The Bernstein Diet Site.



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