Three Foods To Avoid When Eating Out!


Avoid These Foods When Eating Out

I don’t eat out much.

I was a bachelor for 28 years and proved to be totally inept at cooking, so I ate out constantly. Fast food became a staple of my diet.

The result was I became completely burned out on eating out. Just the smell of fast food makes me almost as nauseous as watching reality TV. Give me old fashioned home cooking every time. Luckily my wife is a great cook.

However, most people enjoy eating out and do it frequently. So how do you no blow your eating plan when sampling the local fare? Well, here are the three things that you should always avoid!

  1. Deep Fried Foods
  2. Refined Starches
  3. Juices, Soft Drinks, Sugary Foods

Avoiding these three things will eliminate the dreaded trans fats, refined vegetable oils, starches and refined sugars.


In other words, skip the table bread, turn your eyes away from french fries, and lay off the rice and pasta. Instead, try a side salad and replace the fries, pasta, and rice with vegetables. Most restaurants will allow these substitutions.

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Replacing these foods and avoiding soft drinks will not only eliminate harmful damage to your body, it will cut anywhere from 400-800 calories from your diet. Remember, 3500 calories equals one pound, so you have made a positive start toward weight loss.

The next time you eat out, try to make wiser choices. You will begin feeling and looking better almost immediately!

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