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the cheat to lose diet

The Cheat To Lose Diet was created by Joel (great name!) Marion who is a renowned diet and fitness expert.  He developed this diet with the idea that you could still eat your favorite foods while placing your metabolism in a fat burning stage.

This diet differs from most every other plan as it begins with a “free day” where you eat whatever you feel like.

However, the next six days, you will be consuming low-fat foods that are also low-calorie.  Each day thereafter, you will add more carbohydrates until your reach your “free day” again on the seventh day.

There are three phases to The Cheat To Lose Diet; Priming, Core, and Maintenance. All three phases are presented to you with exactly what you may eat and the exercise requirement.


You will never be hurting for support with this plan as there is an online subscription along with the book that gives eating advice and strategies.

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Also included are recipes, cooking tips, eating logs and much more which can make the process of knowing what to eat for six days much easier.


  • Most dieters are motivated by a free day where they can eat anything they want and are more likely to make it through the other six days.
  • Included are daily menus for 12 weeks of the diet.  In addition, you will find 75 tasty recipes.
  • The diet is not overly expensive.
  • There is a great deal of online support including message boards.


  • The exercise requirement is only 18 minutes a day which is very low.
  • The diet is a little short on protein and lean mass building.


This plan follows sound, practical advice with a low fat, low calorie eating plan.  Especially useful is the “free day” which allows the dieter the freedom to consume anything he or she desires on that day.

This has been proven to make it much easier to stay on a low calorie diet. While it does address fat burning cardio exercise, it doesn’t mention strength training which is of equal importance.  All in all, you cannot go wrong with The Cheat To Lose Diet.

Click here to visit The Cheat To Lose Diet Site.



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