A Type of Trans Fat That Burns Belly Fat?

A Type of Trans Fat That Burns Belly Fat?

As an exercise physiologist, I usually shock people with this fact… it’s true that there is a type of healthy natural trans fat that actually helps you to burn off abdominal fat.

Sounds far fetched, but it’s true.

First of all, as I’m sure you’ve heard a million times by now, artificial trans fats in our food supply from hydrogenated oils are one of the most unhealthy foods (if you can actually call it suitable to eat) you can put in your body.

These poisons cause everything from obesity to various cancers to heart disease, and more. They are pure evil, and everyone knows by now that this is a fact.Stay away from artificial trans fats from hydrogenated oils at all costs!     A Type of Trans Fat That Burns Belly Fat?

However, what most people don’t know is that there is a specific type of natural trans fat (yes, it occurs naturally) that can actually stimulate fat loss and lean muscle building.

This specific type of natural fat actually occurs in the meat and milk from ruminant animals such as cattle, goats, sheep, venison, bison, kangaroo, etc.

It is called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), and is not only known to help prevent cancer, but is also a potent fat burner. CLA is highest when these animals are grass-fed instead of grain-fed.

Now before you think that you can just buy the CLA supplements that you’ll see most supplement stores selling…WARNING: Do not buy CLA supplements!

The only form of healthy CLA is from grass-fed ruminant animals such as grass-fed beef, bison, lamb, etc.

The CLA that’s found in CLA pills is an artificially created form that is a different isomer than the natural CLA isomer found in grass fed meat or dairy. The CLA isomer in the pills is NOT a healthy form, and will not benefit you.


Only the CLA that you get naturally from grass-fed ruminant meats actually has health benefits and can help increase fat burning (particularly from stomach fat) and building lean muscle, which helps increase your metabolism.

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While most trans fats (the artificial ones) will just make you unhealthy and fat, now you know that there actually is such a thing as a healthy natural trans fat that makes you burn fat instead!

A Type of Trans Fat That Burns Belly Fat?

CLA all day!

If you liked this unique tip to burn belly fat with grass fed meats, I have tons more Fat Burners here to give you a leaner, healthier body.

Enjoy… and good luck on your lean healthy body!

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