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the whitaker wellness weight loss program

Often, weight loss programs are the result of an actual medical practice that deals with obesity treatment.  The Whitaker Wellness Weight Loss Program is no exception.

Dr. Julian Whitaker has treated thousands of patients at his clinic, the Whitaker Wellness Institute.

He himself battled weight problems before finally devising a method to lose weight that he claims will work for anyone.

Whitaker Wellness Basics

The doctor believes that many of the conventional ideas behind weight loss are wrong.

He also believes that a large percentage of foods that are promoted as weight loss foods actually work to increase fat storage.  He recommends a diet low in carbohydrates, moderate in fat, and high in protein.

You will be eating three meals a day with two small snacks thrown in for good measure.  You are also allowed one beer (light), one shot, or one glass of wine daily.


Foods that you can plan on eating include a variety of fruits and vegetables, lean meats such as turkey, chicken and fish, almonds and certain seeds, and peanut butter among many others.

The diet itself is in the form of a book that also contains recipes and three weeks of meal plans.

Recently, a website was added that provides support services such as calculators, food diaries and message boards.

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What About Exercise?

Dr. Whitaker recommends a combination of strength training, flexibility work, and aerobic exercise as an important component of the program.  There are descriptions of the exercises in the book.


  • The good doctor has a medical degree.
  • Encourages exercise in several different forms.
  • Includes recipes and meal plans.
  • Includes a variety of foods reducing boredom.


  • Basically a low carbohydrate eating plan.
  • Encourages alcohol use daily.
  • The doctor himself is overweight.


The Whitaker Wellness Program is really just another low carb, high protein diet in a different shell.  This plan will help you with short-term weight loss but shouldn’t be adopted for a lifetime plan.

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