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The Biggest Loser Diet Club emerged from the rather large shadow of the hit television show; “The Biggest Loser”.biggest loser diet club

The show itself has been around now for almost 9 years which seems hard to believe (time flies).

During that time, we have witnessed almost surreal results from extremely obese individuals who transformed into svelte athletic people. These amazing results have generated incredible enthusiasm for weight loss around the world.

See the diet pills that the celebrities use.

Joining the club will grant you access to the diet and fitness program used by the contestants on the show. However, it will be personalized to fit your goals and lifestyle.

More Info:
This online weight loss program does things the correct way by focusing primarily on healthy eating and regular exercise to lose weight.

The program offers weight loss tools such as “customized fitness plans,” “daily meal plans and recipes,” “personal progress journals,” “newsletters,” “interaction with the cast members of the TV show along with trainer Bob Harper” and “three free books” when you sign up at the website.


There you can also see testimonials with before and after pictures. When you sign up, you will enter information into a personal assessment made up of several questions. An individual fitness regimen and diet is then provided to suit you.

There are quite a few with this program:
• Fitness and diet programs available from the show
• You get to chat with The Biggest Loser experts and contestants
• Many recipes are available
• Personalized meal plans and exercise program
• Online convenience
• Message boards
• Access to message boards • Personal progress journal

• You are talking drastic lifestyle change for most people here and that may be too much for you.
• There is a monthly expense.

I love the show and I think this program is a winner.

Unfortunately, you won’t be isolated with full time trainers so your results probably won’t mirror the contestants on television.

But if you are willing to commit to some heavy duty exercise and a change in eating habits, you will do very well with this one.

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