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The Blood Type Diet; sounds kind of scary doesn’t it? blood type diet

Well, some researchers suggest that by following a diet compatible with your own blood type, you could very well solve the mystery as to why you can’t seem to lose weight.

The diet hit the mainstream several years ago with the release of Peter D’Adamo’s book “Eat Right 4 Your Type”.

The book continues to be a bestseller today. D’Adamo claims that the diet will not only bring about the desired weight loss — but can also help with allergies, infections and other problems.

Here is the breakdown based on your category: (if you don’t know your blood type, head to the nearest blood bank with the other vampires!).

Type A should avoid red meat, eat plenty of fish and vegetables, with a low dairy intake. Light exercise only.


Type B should avoid chicken and bacon, eat plenty of meat and dairy, some fish, and plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Type AB combines the A and B diets.

Type O High Protein-Meat eaters

This diet does contain a lot of banned food which always makes a diet difficult. However, it does discourage processed foods which is admirable.

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As far as expense goes, you may require a test to determine your blood type and will then need to follow specific recommendations for your blood type, some of which may include expensive food items like veal and mutton. Supplements are also advised for all blood types.


  • Encourages removal of processed foods from all blood types eating plans.
  • Is less expensive than many diets.
  • No counting calories.


  • No research to back up claims.
  • Very general, not specific enough for most dieters.

I believe weight loss and other health improvements will occur on this diet but I don’t think it is because of your blood type.

It is simply because your diet has become healthier! That is one of the keys to any weight loss plan. However, this plan continues to enjoy tremendous popularity.

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