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As a former athlete, the name Mackie Shilstone is very well known to me.

He is a fitness and nutrition expert who has worked with some of the top athletes in the world.  He is in such high demand from professional athletes that he cannot take on many of them as clients.

To help alleviate that problem, and to allow the non-athletes like me the benefit of his knowledge, he created a diet in the form of a book entitled, “The Fat Burning Bible”.

This book was designed by Shilstone to give dieters a blueprint of what they should be eating and how they should be exercising.  He claims that if you follow his diet faithfully, you will lose 15 pounds in one month!


You will be eating three meals a day plus two snacks which help to keep your energy levels high.  The eating plan is based on 40% carbohydrate, 30% protein, and 30% healthy fats.

Specifically you will be eating a great deal of fruits and vegetables, fish and chicken, nuts, legumes, and oatmeal among a large variety of other offerings.

Shilstone is also very big on supplements.  Recommended supplements include calcium, chromium picolinate, acetyl L carntine, magnesium, and green tea extract.

The author also believes in exercise.  Going against conventional wisdom, he espouses the theory that men burn more body fat at high intensity exercise while women gain the most benefit at low to moderate levels of intensity.

Therefore, this is taken into account when you receive the exercise recommendations.   You will be performing 300 minutes of exercise over a six day period.  Keep in mind that this is a four week plan.

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  • This is healthy eating based on science.
  • You will be eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • You will not be starving as in so many other diets.
  • A large number of recipes are included.
  • Also included are meal plans for different calorie levels.
  • Takes a look at the emotional issues behind your eating.
  • Includes exercise.


  • Weight loss claims may be a little unrealistic.
  • Includes serious work outs in a fitness facility.
  • Supplements can be expensive.
  • Requires planning meals and preparing them. 


I love this guy.  I have watched him completely change athletes bodies in just an offseason.  However, this diet is not for everyone as it requires a gym membership and expensive supplements.  But keep in mind, that you often get what you pay for and this just might be a worthwhile investment.

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