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First Place Diet Program

Note:  This is a review.  Click here to visit The First Place Weight Loss Site.

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As a Christian, I believe anything is easier with the help of My Father and that includes weight loss!  Let’s take a look at one program that utilizes Jesus to help you.

I am talking about a popular Christian weight loss program called First Place Weight Loss.

This program is a religious, faith-based diet program that’s been around since 1981 (hey, that’s the year I graduated high school) and is now practiced at thousands of churches in the U.S. and in many other countries.

It was created by the First Baptist Christian Church in Houston, Texas.

The basis of the plan came from the church congregation that wondered why God had blessed them in so many ways, but had not given them healthy weight loss help.

This weight loss program is similar to Weight Watchers in that it is based on a healthy food exchange plan and requires attendance at a weekly meeting. The differences are that you have a Bible study that goes along with it and the support and encouragement is biblically-based.

The Good and The Bad

The Christian program lasts 11-13 weeks per session.

Some of the components are that you must attend one group meeting a month for support, make one telephone call to a class member weekly, pray daily, read two chapters in the Bible daily, memorize a bible verse a week, complete a fifteen minute bible study every day, keep a food journal, exercise three times a week, and follow their food plan.


  • Plenty of support.
  • Spiritually based.
  • Based on healthy principles
  • Includes an exercise requirement.


  • Strict food plan.
  • Keeping food journal often frustrates dieters.
  • Mandatory group meetings and phone calls included in program.

The basics of this Christian weight loss program are good; they advocate motivation, healthy eating, support, God and exercise. It is definitely worth a look for Christians and non Christians alike.

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1. Lewis, Carole, and Terry Whalin. First Place, 2001.



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  1. I was on First Place weight loss many years ago and was successful!! Is it still active and can you give me some insight into it?


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