What Is The Maker’s Diet?

The Makers Weight Loss Plan

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What is The Maker’s Diet? makers diet

Still another popular Christian weight loss program is The Makers Diet. This 16 week program was created by Jordan S. Rubins several years ago in the form of a best-selling book.

The book is based on the author’s interpretation of Biblical principles to observe God’s dietary laws.

Some of the dietary laws include the acceptance of eating any fish with fins and scales but avoiding fish or water creatures without them.

So smooth-skinned fish such as catfish and eel should be avoided. Also a no-no for dinner on this plan is any animal with a hard shell such as crab, lobster, and clams.

You are allowed to eat the meat of animal but only those with a cloven or split hoof that also chews the cud. Examples are cows, goats, sheep, oxen, deer, and buffalo.

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Pork is forbidden as pigs are not considered clean animals.


This weight loss plan strikes a positive chord with its emphasis on cutting out processed foods and eating only whole foods.

However, the diet varies off the weight loss trail and offers advice in other areas of life, such as hygiene, and advises dieters to thoroughly cleanse the face, hands and neck in the morning and evenings.


  • Promotes regular exercise.
  • Encourages eating whole grain foods.


  • No medical research to back up claims.
  • Requires a lifestyle change which may not be for all people.

What is The Maker’s Diet Conclusion:

Not your typical diet plan I guess, but that’s what make this Christian weight loss plan unique. I believe that the core of this diet plan is sound and it certainly is not unhealthy like so many other plans. Give it a try and let us know how you did during the sixteen weeks…

Click here to visit The Makers Diet Site.



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