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Lose It For Life Weight Loss

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Lose It For Life

Another Christian weight loss program enjoying great popularity today is the “Lose It For Life” Program.

Created by best-selling author and radio personality Stephen Arterburn (founder of New Life Ministries and Women of Faith), this program claims to offer hope and direction for anyone tired of struggling with their weight.

This plan asserts that it is much more than a diet plan because it focuses on the factors underlying unhealthy eating habits and provides biblical answers to these challenges.


This is not about dieting. It’s not about exercising. There is no claim of quick fixes, magic diets, or promises of a thin body (that’s refreshing).

As with other Christian weight loss programs, the belief here is that losing the weight and keeping it off may have more to do with changing what you’re thinking and feeling at any given moment than what you’re eating or whether you’re in a regular exercise program.

This healthy plan is great in that is seems to have a mission of creating a lifestyle of permanent weight management that emphasizes the whole you: your spirit, mind, body and emotions.

The program is similar to other Christian weight loss programs in that it trains you to examine your reasons for eating when you are not hungry. But it also offers a healthy eating plan and exercise plan with support from an on-line forum.

In fact, if you don’t want to use their eating plan, you can use LIFL to supplement the mainstream diet you are currently on such as Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig.


  • Based on lifestyle changes, not quick fixes.
  • Includes emphasis on mental aspects.
  • Will result in gradual weight loss.


  • No research to back up claims.

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I really like this one. It attacks weight problems at the root, the mind. It also focuses on doing things the right way including a healthy eating plan and an exercise plan. If you are not a Christian, don’t fret; this one will work for you too…

Click here to visit the Lose It For Life Site.



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