The Truth About Processed Foods

Processed Food Facts

I have been trying to get my wife to stop buying processed foods for awhile now (she does all the grocery shopping and pretty much everything else!).

But she continually brings processed foodshome frozen junk for our 12 year old son that he can heat up and yucky stuff that he can pack in his school lunch everyday.

My motto is: “If God didn’t make it, don’t eat it!”

But she never paid much attention to me (that is also a pretty common occurence).

However, recently while walking on the treadmill at her overpriced health club, she watched a news report on processed foods.

Specifically, they were showing meat products and how they use internal organs, bones and external organs to make processed foods with meat in them.

Forget the unhealthy aspect, she was GROSSED out! She started throwing out everything in the house like a maniac and vowed never to buy processed food again.


The moral of the story is that processed foods have all of the nutrients removed and unhealthy chemical additives are added to those foods so that they stay fresh longer.

To make matters worse, they are chock full of sugar, salt and fat. And if you are like my wife, none of that matters. It is just GROSS….

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