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Note:  This is a review.  Click here to visit The SlimFast Diet Site. slimfast diet

Okay, I must come clean. I drank a SlimFast Diet shake as a quick and easy breakfast for years and loved them. But does it work as a diet plan? Let’s find out…

This diet is based on the basic plan, which was 2 shakes a day and a sensible meal at night. A sensible meal is based around a lean protein (such as skinless chicken breast, or fish), carbohydrate (potato, rice, or whole wheat bread), and a large serving of vegetables.

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Here is a sample menu:
•Shake or bar

•Shake or bar
•Half a turkey sandwich (200 calories) or citrus spinach salad


•Grilled or steamed asparagus, eggplant and squash
•Baked fish, skinless chicken or lean beef
•Salad with dressing
•Small serving of potato, pasta, rice or corn

•Apple, half a cup of grapes, half a banana or small fruit salad
•Ounce of pretzels or mini-bag of popcorn
•Snack bar

This diet is a levelheaded and practicable plan, and you will probably find the convenience of using meal replacements outweighs most other diet plans. It also recommends 30 minutes of exercise a day which I like.

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  • This diet is very easy to follow.
  • Many testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • Clinical trials have been conducted and it has been proven to be an excellant meal replacment.


  • High sugar level.
  • Can often result in too few calories for optimum health.
  • You have to purchase the products.

Slimfast Diet Review Conclusion:

The only problems you might have with the SlimFast Diet is boredom with the shakes or bars and the expense of buying them every week. This plan has a lot of positives and the shakes are really good!

Click here to visit The SlimFast Diet Site.



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