Fat Chance

Lose Weight With Fat Chance

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Fat Chance

Fat Chance is a personal memoir of one of the most successful participants ever on the hit television show “The Biggest Loser”, Julie Haden.

In this top selling book, she provides a glimpse into her experiences on the show and how she managed to lose almost half of her body weight.

The book is very inspirational to those who are seeking to lose weight and even includes a forward from star trainer Jillian Michaels.

The book is divided into three parts including Moment of Recognition, My Surreal Existence on Reality TV, and the last section, Returning to the Old Life.

All of these sections are detailed with the personal experiences that are so motivating to her readers.

phenq_EN_T_Taiylah-600x300Included in the book is a deep psychological examination into why she began overeating in the first place and how food became a crutch for so many feelings and problems.

She also espouses the difference that her Christian faith made in the entire process and includes many examples of scripture in her book.

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Hadden spends a large part of the book encouraging her readers to become more positive and to work harder.

She admits that changing habits to a healthier lifestyle can be very difficult but can be done as she is a shining example.

She recommends changing the way you eat along with a serious dose of exercise. 

As far as an actual diet plan, this really doesn’t fit the bill.

However, there are nice selections of recipes that are healthy included and she attempts to answer the most common weight loss questions in a straight forward manner which proves very helpful.

She does expound on exercise including the unbelievable 6 hour workouts she did everyday on The Biggest Loser.  Although she doesn’t perform those anymore, she does include her current regiment for you to follow if desired.

The book does incorporate several exercise routines with detailed descriptions.


  • Includes an exercise component.
  • Includes sample healthy recipes.
  • Is very inspirational to dieters.
  • Includes a Christian based philosophy.
  • Recommends exercise.


  • Is not a diet plan for those looking for structure.
  • Non Christians may be turned off by some of the content.


Julie Hadden is an inspiration to the thousands of people who are trying so desperately to lose weight.  And this book is simply a proliferation of that inspiration.

If you are searching for a structured diet plan, you will need to look elsewhere.  However, if you need motivation to continue working out and eating right, this is a great resource.

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