How Did Jordin Sparks Lose Weight?

How Did Jordin Sparks Lose Weight?

Let’s find out.

Jordin Sparks, who won the hearts of millions of people as the winner of American Idol in 2007 has always been like most of us.

She struggled with her weight. how did jordin sparks lose weight

After her life-changing victory that propelled her singing and acting career success, and made her a bonafide celebrity, Sparks decided it was time to lose weight.

What motivated this young star?

Sparks admits that it was a desire to be healthy that drove her to make changes. 

She was making poor lifestyle choices that had left her feeling physically ill.  “I knew I had a long road ahead of me,” the singer explained in 2011. “I was barely working out, and my diet was a mess.”

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She began by eliminating unhealthy meals that were convenient for her busy lifestyle, including fast food and surgery drinks.  She began to replace them with healthier options such as turkey breast and steamed vegetables.

Portion control became an emphasis and each meal consisted of only what would fit on one normal sized plate.

Finally, this undeniable beauty stopped eating immediately before bedtime and ensured that her last meal was at least two hours before she called it a night.

These changes in her eating habits resulting in Jordin losing several pounds very quickly and easily without the use of a fad diet.

How Did Jordin Exercise?


It began with daily walks near her home.  However, after a couple of weeks, she was ready for something a little more challenging.

Her neighborhood walks soon morphed into hiking in the mountains.

Fitness slowly became more and more important to Sparks as as the fat loss progressed.

The next step?

Hiring a personal trainer.

He introduced her to activities like weight training, aerobics, and plyometrics.  Circuit training became a way of life with different activities each day of the week to keep her from plateauing and getting bored.

According to Sparks, the weight started falling off almost immediately. jordin sparks before and after

She managed to lose 50 pounds of fat in just a few months.  Lean muscle arrived to replace the fat, giving her a ripped look with visible abs.

Sparks continues her workout regime to this day and has been featured on the covers of several major magazines including “Shape” showing off her fabulous physique.

She works out Monday through Friday with her trainer completing a different circuit each day.

Jordin Sparks is a perfect example of how proper nutrition and exercise will always be the answer to fat loss, not a fad diet.

How did Jordin Sparks lose weight?

The old fashioned way; healthy eating and exercise.

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