Alec Baldwin Fat Or Thin?

Has Alec Baldwin Lost A Bunch Of Weight?

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Throughout his acting career, Alec Baldwin has been known as a sex symbol.  However, he began to have problems controlling his weight as he got older  (like so many of us do!).

Then in 2011, Baldwin got the wake-up call he needed.

On a routine doctors visit, he found out he was pre-diabetic.  He was 54 years old at the time.

At that point, Baldwin went cold turkey…from sugar.

He lost 35 pounds in a little over four months noticeably changing his appearance and giving him much more energy.

While he does eat fruit, his main focus is avoiding white sugar.  In addition, starches such as cake, bread and others are now the enemy.

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The actor also began an exercise program that mixed several activities together including, yoga, Pilates and walking.

Baldwin works out an average of 5 times a week and his wife just happens to be a yoga instructor (which makes things easier). alec baldwin is now skinny

As the actor continues toward upper middle age, he remains in good health and with relatively low body fat.

Stay away from white sugar is a phrase we should all live by!

Alec Baldwin fat?


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Alec Baldwin FAQs

How did Alec Baldwin lose weight?

Baldwin gave up sugar completely resulting in a 30 pound weight loss over a 4 month period.

How much does Alec Baldwin weigh?

Baldwin stands at 6 feet tall and reportedly weights 176 pounds.

Does Alec Baldwin have a wife?

Baldwin's first wife was actress Kim Basinger. He married his current wife Hilaria Baldwin in 2012.

Where is Alec Baldwin's wife from?

Hilaria Baldwin, an actress and dancer was born in Spain.

Is Alec Baldwin sick.

Baldwin announced in 2011 that he suffered from chronic Lyme Disease.




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