Should You Join A Fitness Center?

Should You Join A Fitness Center-Yes or No?

Have you been considering joining a fitness center?

Every January, millions of people make New Year’s resolutions. The overwhelming majority of these resolutions involve losing weight and/or getting in shape.

Gym memberships become the vogue thing to do and weight loss programs set new sales records.

Fitness centers or health clubs have exploded in the last twenty years as more and more people flock to exercise with others and have access to top of the line aerobic machines and more than enough weight-lifting equipment.

So is it right for you? Let’s take a look at a couple of things that matter.

First, does the gym have the services I need? Many gym members are parents who desperately need adequate childcare.

Does your facility have a childcare space and employees that you are comfortable with? What about towels? Some gyms gladly hand out towels but others don’t.

Just a note, people with towels are much more likely to wipe their sweat off the benches and machines.

Secondly, is the fitness center close to you?


It doesn’t matter how beautiful the gym is or how many programs they have, if it is a long drive, you won’t go. Face it, when you come home from work trying to motivate yourself to workout, you aren’t going to drive 30 miles for exercise. However, if it is right down the street, it becomes a much easier decision.

And lastly, what kind of impression do you get when you walk in. Are there plenty of obvious steroid abusers slamming weights and screaming? Is the music to loud or too obnoxious? Is the front desk staff friendly and helpful?

If you don’t feel comfortable, then take that for what it is worth and go somewhere else. Learning to love it simply won’t work.

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You may eventually discover that you are happy working out at home. There is no shortage of workout programs on DVD such as P90X that compare with anything you can get in a workout facility at half the price.

Whatever you decide, just ensure that you are exercising somewhere (even if you are slamming weights!)…

The decision to join a fitness center should not be taken lightly.   I hope this article helps.

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