The Truth About Aerobic Exercise

Exercise Aerobically!

You may have heard the term aerobic exercise sometime in your workout induced stupor and now have a desire to know what the heck it is.300 406928

Here’s a hint. It’s called “cardio” in the gym.

That’s right, aerobic exercise is any activity that you can continue for more than a few minutes while working your heart and lungs intensely. In other words, it is exercises that make you sweat, breath hard and increase your heart rate.

So what happens when we do aerobic exercise on a regular basis?


Well, your heart which is a muscle will undergo changes. It will increase in size just like any muscle but more importantly, it will increase its stroke volume. This means you will pump out more blood with each contraction. So you heart will not have to work as hard while in the resting state. In addition, regular aerobic activity means that it will take much longer for you to tire.

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In layman’s terms, you have increased your chances to avoid heart disease, stroke and many other maladies.

But what about weight loss?

Glad you asked. Aerobic as well as anaerobic exercise is a necessity for weight loss. (anerobic refers to strength training and other quick bursts activities. Aerobic activities are responsible for burning calories during and immediately after exercise while anaerobic will speed up your metabolism.

Aerobic exercise should be done every day if possible but no less than 5 days a week. Examples of these types of exercise routines include swimming, brisk walking or jogging, aerobics etc.

Start a new aerobic exercise routine today. It is fun and healthy!


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