3 Day Diet

the 3 day diet

Can You Lose Weight In 3 Days?

Note:  This is a review.  Click here to visit The 3 Day Diet Site.

The 3 Day Diet would seem to be pretty easy. You can do anything for three days, right? Well, let’s take a look.

This plan is actually a very popular one that has been around since the mid 1980’s. It promises up to 10 pounds of weight loss during the three days.

This actual plan is nothing more than a low calorie diet. You will experience a sudden drop in your caloric intake which will cause weight loss. Unfortunately, as with many fad diets, this will be mostly water weight. And remember water weight will come back when you return to a normal diet.


You will be eating under 1000 calories a day which is much to low for an average adult.

See more time based diet plans.

The food plan is very strict and includes the following foods: Grapefruit, banana, apple, saltine crackers, regular bread, egg, cheddar cheese, tuna, meat, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, and black coffee or tea.


  • Dieters only have to commit to three days dieting at a time.


  • No exercise component.
  • Too low calorie for most people.
  • No evidence to back up claims of success.
  • No testimonials on website.

This diet offers nothing new, simply another low calorie experience in a shorter time frame. But it does have a catchy name…


Click here to visit The 3 Day Diet Site.



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