The Mariah Carey Weight Loss Diet In 2020

Are you wondering about the Mariah Carey Weight Loss Diet?  Read on…

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Mariah Carey has been famous for nearly 30 years. mariah carey weight loss diet

And in that time, two things have become certainties:

  • She blows away most female singers
  • She is always struggling to lose weight.

But it looks like she might have finally found the answer in the year 2020.

The Grammy-winning singer has always spoken openly about her weight loss battles and is the first to admit, she has tried pretty much everything to lose weight.

And while I would like to give her credit for how amazing she looks, it wasn’t just a change in her eating habits that did it.

She decided to undergo gastric sleeve surgery in 2018 after “fans” began to mercilessly make fun of her online.

phenq_EN_T_Taiylah-600x300The surgery to reduce the size of her stomach worked as she quickly dropped 30 pounds.  However, without a change in unhealthy habits,  the weight loss would be temporary as has been proven over and over.

So what is The Mariah Carey Weight Loss Diet?

The answer is she did not use a specified diet.  She experienced weight loss by simply doing what I preach to everyone who will listen (and even those who won’t!).

She gave up sugar completely.

mariah carey on the red carpet

She admittedly loves smoked salmon (who doesn’t) and other seafood.

So she consumes a lot of lean protein, health fats, very little carbohydrates, and no processed foods.

Carey used to have a chocolate addiction but has now cut out any types of sweets and chooses small pieces of fruit instead.

In addition, the singer focuses on whole foods with an emphasis on vegetables.

This new eating plan has not only allowed her to maintain the surgery weight loss, it has sped up the weight loss effort.

So here is Mariah’s diet broken down:

  • 1500 calories a day maximum.
  • 5-6 small meals throughout the day.
  • Lots of vegetables.
  • Plenty of lean protein.
  • Very few carbs.
  • No processed foods.
  • Never weighing herself.

Does Mariah Exercise?

Mariah has always admitted that she hates exercise.  However, she claims to now be committed to working out 3 days a week.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t reveal much with regards to exercise except that she does a lot of swimming.

Now, I will admit that swimming is a fantastic exercise that also is great for toning your muscles.  But is that all she does?  I am not sure I believe that.


So there you have it:  The Mariah Carey Diet. Small meals, 1500 calories, no sugar, and swimming 3 days a week.  Oh, and a stomach sleeve.

mariah carey smiling

I hope that Mariah Carey can keep the weight off.  I hate it when people get on social media and rip people for being overweight.  She may be a diva, but no one deserves that.

The Mariah Carey Weight Loss Diet is just plain old good habits.


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