How To Take Xenical For Best Results

Xenical Weight Loss

How To Take Xenical for best results.

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 Xenical or Orlistat is not your average diet pill. Most work by suppressing appetite and have a direct effect on the brain. This pill works by inhibiting the absorption of a certain amount of fat obtained through food.


Yep, in simple terms, it works to keep you from digesting fat which we know carries the most calories and is the unhealthiest of all the nutrients.

It should be used in combination with a decreased-calorie diet and exercise to treat people with weight-related risk factors (such as diabetes and high cholesterol, blood pressure or triglycerides).

So it is not for the average housewife who wants to lose 15 pounds.

No, it should only be used on individuals who have a BMI of 30 or above or a BMI of 27 and obesity related illnesses. You should talk to your doctor if you feel you qualify.

What Can I Eat?

Well, your calories will be reduced because you will be eating less fat (you will know why when I tell you the side effects!).

However, your diet will not change dramatically which is why these pills are so popular. The reduction in eating fat to no more than 30% is considered a healthy diet by most experts.

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Okay, here it is and it isn’t pretty but when they occur you have an assurance that the fat-blocking action is making its full effect.

Effects include oily blots in your underwear, or oily stools; an increased frequency of bowel movements; an orange-colored or brown-colored oil on the stool; loose stool, or loose bowel movements; gas with an oily discharge; and stomachache, diarrhea, rectal pain, queasiness, and vomiting.

But remember, that many of the side effects of can be avoided or reduced by decreasing the amount of fat in your diet. Because this drug decreases the absorption of fat, more fat stays in the digestive tract, causing many of the bothersome (and occasionally embarrassing) side effects.

So if you eat too much fat, you are much more likely to experience these problems.


If taken in conjunction with proper diet and other weight loss methods, Xenical can undoubtedly aid in your weight loss. Just don’t look at it as a permanent solution.

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