How Much Does Rebel Wilson Weigh?

So Rebel Wilson has lost a ton of weight?

Yes she has, read on….

Rebel Wilson is a wildly successful actor who enjoyed her greatest success in the move, “Bridesmaids”.

This role propelled her to stardom and other movies including “Pitch Perfect”, “How To Be Single”, and “Night At The Museum”.

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However, she is arguably best known for being overweight.  She is one of the rare Hollywood starlets who managed to be successful despite being clinically obese.  However, with the advent of social media, she has taken abuse from many who take pleasure in poking fun at weight issues.

Rebel admits that her weight is a large part of what made her famous in the first place.

how much does rebel wilson weigh

However, time changes all things and one thing that changed is Wilson’s mindset. The Australian finally realized that she could be successful without the body fat and that there was much more to her uniqueness.

Recently, Rebel Wilson managed a dramatic weight loss that literally has people asking if it is indeed her.

But how did she do it?

Wilson finally confronted what she likes to call emotional eating.  Her entire life, she has used food as comfort in trying times and rewards in happy times.

So like many of us, she decided to use the New Year to make positive changes in her life.

She became serious about fitness for the first time in her life, working out with a CrossFit trainer 7 days a week!

Her trainer, Jono Castano, had begun posting pictures of the actress on Instagram frequently and tracking her progress for the entire world to see.

What does she eat?

Wilson completely changed the way she eats, making it a point to avoid simple carbohydrates at all costs. Some of these foods include:  white grains, sugar and sugar-filled foods, processed foods and more.

She replaced these foods with complex carbs which stabilize blood sugar and keep you full longer, reducing cravings.  These include fruits and vegetables among other foods.

In addition, Wilson added healthy fats to her diet including nuts avocados, fish oil and seeds.

While always appearing comfortable in her own skin to her fans, changing her body seems to have dramatically boosted her confidence. 

In a word, she appears “radiant”.

Rebel Wilson is a poster-child for weight loss in my opinion.  She completely changed her habits and embraced fitness as well as a healthy way of eating.

So how much does Rebel Wilson weigh?

Nobody knows, but we do know she has lost 60 pounds.

How did she do it?

The right way.


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