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Note:  This is a review.  Click here to visit The Special K Diet Site.

The Special K Diet was the epiphany of Kellogg’s breakfast cereal company (that’s a surprise!).special k diet

The plan is simple. You get three meals a day. You eat one bowl of the cereal with ½ cup low fat milk for breakfast and one bowl for lunch or dinner for two weeks. You eat a low fat meal of your choice for the other. Snacks may include fruit, vegetables, low fat yogurt or a Special K bar. That’s it! You have taken meal replacement to new heights.

The plans claim to fame comes from a research study. Purdue University conducted a study with 28 individuals who followed the program and lost up to six pounds over a two-week period.

Study participants ate an average of 1,590 calories per day, or 27 percent fewer calories than their usual intake, primarily by cutting their fat intake in half by eating only cereal for two meals a day.
However, this plan is not designed to be followed for more than two weeks!

On the good side, eating the cereal with skim milk is a great way to add calcium to your diet, and research has shown that adequate calcium intake (from food, not necessarily from supplements) helps people lose weight.

In addition, eating breakfast will help speed up your metabolism. The reduction in calories will mean that you will lose weight during the two weeks.

On the not so good side, you will probably become bored eating two meals of cereal a day,(to bad they don’t put prizes in the boxes anymore!) which could lead to binge eating.


Also, you may be cheating yourself of adequate nutrition especially vitamins and minerals found in green vegetables. Thirdly, there is a good chance you will regain the weight when you return to your normal eating patterns after two weeks.

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  • No counting calories.
  • Very easy to follow.
  • 75% success rate in scientific trials.


  • Dieters could get bored with the lack of variety.
  • Very little fiber in Special K.
  • Dieter will more than likely suffer hunger on this diet.

This is a good short-term solution to weight loss but keep in mind that is what it is for. If you like Special K, this might be a good one for you!

Click here to visit The Special K Diet Site.



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