Jackson Galaxy Weight Loss Before and After!

The Jackson Galaxy Weight Loss Story

Jackson Galaxy, also known as “Cat Daddy”, has become famous as the host of Animal Planet’s “My Cat From Hell”.

jackson galaxy before and after

Born in New York City under the name of Richard Kirshner, Galaxy changed his name legally in his early twenties.

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He has an eclectic past, having earned a degree in theater and being a former rock musician.  During this time, he also worked in several animal rescue shelters, honing his inexplicable ability to train cats.

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Twenty years later, he has become a household name with his role as a television star.  In addition to that, Galaxy has written 4 best selling books and has one of the highest trafficked YouTube channels in the world

Unfortunately, in spite of being rich, famous and successful, life brings problems.

For Galaxy, it was addiction…addiction to food.

How Did Jackson Galaxy Lose Weight?

Galaxy endured a lifetime battle with his weight.  He finally tipped the scales at over 400 pounds and began to suffer serious health problems.

This was the turning point in his battle.

In 2007, fearing for his life, Galaxy had gastric-bypass surgery.  He lost weight (150 pounds) pretty quickly and gave up other bad habits including smoking.

But like it so often does, the weight he had lost began to find him again.  He soon found himself over 300 pounds.

jackson galaxy is fat

He finally got back on track when he met his future wife in 2014.

She convinced him to start making lifestyle changes and not surprisingly, he began to lose weight and this time, keep it off.  The most important thing he did was adopt her eating style; vegan.jackson galaxy wedding

Galaxy now focuses on making healthy choices including working out regularly and weekly yoga with his wife.

Also, having a soulmate seemed to have lessened the emotional problems that often result in overeating for all of us.

At this point, Jackson Galaxy is a weight loss success story.

Are you next?

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