Russian Air Force Diet Review

Russian Air Force Diet Review?

Note:  This is a review. Use this diet at your own risk.

The Russian Air force Diet. Is your first thought you might be drinking vodka with every meal? russian air force diet

Well, think again. According to legend, this diet was originally developed in the former Soviet Union to keep soldiers fit. I don’t know if this is true or not since I live in Florida and have never been in the military.

On the first day you will begin with just coffee for breakfast. Your next meal will be 2 eggs and a tomato. For dinner, you are allowed 7 ounces of red meat and a green salad.


This menu is representative of all days—breakfast is coffee and a very small amount of starchy carbohydrate; lunch is protein and a piece of fruit; and dinner is protein and a salad.

This is a 7 day diet and is a restrictive calorie diet. You will lose weight during the 7 days but if you extend it further, you will suffer from undernourishment. This is an inexpensive way to drop a few pounds in a few days if that is your goal.

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  • Very easy to follow.
  • Inexpensive compared to other diets.


  • You will not be getting enough of essential vitamins and minerals on this diet.
  • You will suffer from a lack of energy.
  • No exercise requirement.

You can achieve some success with this weight loss plan, but you will be starving during the 7 days. It’s your call. But I would avoid it like the plague.



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