One of the hottest new fitness products on the market it the Shake Weight For Women.  It is designed to give women a strenuous workout involving arms and shoulder that takes only 6 minutes a day.  But does it work?  Let’s take a look.

The Shake Weight technology evolved from a new theory called Dynamic Inertia which means that you don’t have to contract or relax your muscle as in normal weight lifting.  It simply shakes repeatedly forcing the muscle to contract.

So here are some positives:

  • The Shake Weight For Women is very portable.  You can pick it up and take it anywhere including your suitcase.
  • You require nothing along with the weight, not batteries, plugins etc.
  • It is not made from cheap materials.  This thing is sturdy and you can throw it around like a regular dumbbell.
  • It is very light and easy to carry.
  • It comes with an included workout DVD.
  • The price is great and there is a money back guarantee that includes postage and handling.

The truth is ladies that this thing WILL give women a very good workout for your biceps, triceps, and shoulders primarily.  However, this leads us to some problems with The Shake Weight For Women.

First, it doesn’t seem to do much unless you use one arm only.  The two arm exercises are useless as the resistance is too lax.  Secondly, it just doesn’t have the range of motion you really need to work all muscles in your arms.  Third, the attached DVD is only 6 minutes long which is the recommended workout but still seems a little short to serious athletes.  Lastly, it won’t help with the other parts of your body.


All in all, the Shake Weight For Women is something that women should probably try.  It is very inexpensive at under 20 dollars and has a legitimate money back guarantee.  You will feel and see results in your upper arms and shoulders by using it as directed.   Just understand that it will do nothing for those other troublesome areas of your body such as legs and thighs.

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